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Anthony Wong (Hong Kong actor)

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Chinese name
黃秋生 (traditional)

Film actor

Anthony Wong

Years active

Birth name
Anthony Perry

Ng Wai-Zing (m. 1996)

Anthony Wong (Hong Kong actor) Anthony Wong Asianpopnews

Wong Cau-sang (Cantonese)

British, Chinese (Taishan, Guangdong)

2 September 1961 (age 62) Hong Kong (

Actor, screenwriter, film director, TV Host

Frederick Perry, Huang Jun Yi

Wong Yat-Yat, Wong Yee Yee

Infernal Affairs, The Untold Story, Ip Man: The Final Fight, The Four, Initial D

Similar People
Kent Tong, Wayne Lai, Wong Jing, Sandra Ng, Herman Yau

Anthony wong chau sang winning best supporting actor for infernal affairs hkfa 2003

Anthony Wong Chau-sang (born Anthony Perry; 2 September 1961), known professionally as Anthony Wong, is a Hong Kong actor. Wong is perhaps best known in the West for his roles in the 1992 action film Hard Boiled, the 2002 critically acclaimed Infernal Affairs, and as General Yang in the 2008 Hollywood film The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.


Anthony Wong (Hong Kong actor) Hong Kong actor39s criticism of simplified Chinese

Anthony wong uk visit and interview 1999

Early life

Anthony Wong (Hong Kong actor) Anthony Wong Movies Actor Hong Kong Filmography

Anthony Perry was born on 2 September 1961 to an English-born sailor, Frederick Perry, and a Hong Kong Chinese mother whose surname Wong adopted as part of his current name, Anthony Wong. His father walked out on the family when he was four, which prompted his mother to relocate the family to Hong Kong. Wong has revealed in his microblog that during his first year in Hong Kong, he lived with his mother "in the staircase of a pre-war building in Wan Chai" until he was sent to live with various relatives for two years while his mother "held down three jobs".

Anthony Wong (Hong Kong actor) httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu

In his acting career, Wong's established a reputation for openly critiquing the Hong Kong film industry and its practices, actors' performances and pop culture in interviews and his personal microblog. In some of those critiques, he's revealed his experiences of being bullied and discriminated against—for being a "mixed race foreigner" and "during the 1960s, English-Chinese mixed-race people like me were regarded as bastards", and for being born outside Hong Kong—while growing up in Hong Kong and during the early years of his acting career.

During his late teens, Wong moved to Britain to attend a college of further education. He returned to Hong Kong to attend a training course in hairdressing until he quit to join ATV's training programme when he was 21.


After completing ATV's training programme, he continued his training at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He had stated in an interview that his mixed ethnicity initially caused him to be typecast as a villain, due to institutionalised racism in the Hong Kong film industry during this period. He, however, won an Hong Kong Film Award for his performance as a real-life serial killer, who made meat buns from his victims' flesh, in The Untold Story in 1993.

In the following years, Wong appeared in a wide range of genre films including Rock n' Roll Cop, Hard Boiled, The Heroic Trio, Infernal Affairs, The Mission and The Medallion. He had also several appearances in the popular Young and Dangerous film series as Tai Fei; a rival Triad gangster to Ekin Cheng's character Chan Ho-nam, an ambitious Triad gangster, whom Tai Fei eventually befriends.

Wong had also appeared in a number of international English-language films including The Painted Veil and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

In 1995, Wong made his directorial debut with The New Tenant.

In 2014, Wong made his culinary debut in Dinner Confidential, where he would prepare one dish out of a table d'hote candle-lit dinner menu for guests.

In 2015, Wong became the first Hong Kong Actor to had won the Best lead actor role in TV and movies when he won 2015 TVB Anniversary Awards for Best Actor and Best Drama for Lord of Shanghai, marking his triumphant return to TVB. He also became the first Hong Kong actor to had won Best Actor awards in films, stage theatre and TV. He also became the first Hong Kong actor to ever won TVB's Best Actor award on his first nomination.

Personal life

Wong is the lead singer of a local Hong Kong punk rock band. Wong is married and has three sons called Omar Wong, Ulysses Wong and William Wong.

In a 2005 interview with Star eCentral, Wong stated that amongst his prolific output during the 1980s and the 1990s, a considerable number of films he appeared in were poor and exploitative. He, however, has no regrets because he needed the money to support his wife, their sons and his mother.


  • The Justice of Life 他來自江湖 (1989), Johnson Man (文忠信)
  • When Things Get Tough 午夜太陽 (1990), Tsing Kwan (程軍)
  • Lord of Shanghai 梟雄 (2015), Kiu Ngo-tin (喬傲天)
  • Production

  • EQQUS (May 2014)
  • Le Dieu Du Carnage (August 2015)
  • Le Dieu Du Carnage (Re-run) (January 2016)
  • Le Dieu Du Carnage (Huayi - Chinese Festival of Arts) (February 2016)
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream (September 2016)
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream (Huayi - Chinese Festival of Arts) (February 2017)
  • Speed the Plow (September 2017)
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