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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Anatidae
Scientific name  Anserinae
Order  Anseriformes
Subfamily  AnserinaeVigors, 1825
Phylum  Chordata
Anserinae Subfamily ANSERINAE Geese Swans

Lifespan  Canada goose: 10 – 24 years
Clutch size  Canada goose: 2 – 9, Whooper swan: 4 – 7, Swan goose: 5 – 6, Black swan: 4 – 8
Mass  Canada goose: 3.2 – 6.5 kg, Mute swan: 11 – 12 kg, Whooper swan: 9.8 – 11 kg, Black swan: 3.7 – 9 kg
Wingspan  Canada goose: 1.3 – 1.8 m, Mute swan: 2 – 2.4 m
Lower classifications  Greylag goose, Anser, Goose, Swan, Canada goose

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The Anserinae are a subfamily in the waterfowl family Anatidae. It includes the swans and true geese. Under alternative systematical concepts (see e.g., Terres & NAS, 1991), it is split into two subfamilies, the Anserinae contain the geese and the ducks, while the Cygninae contain the swans.


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Swans – tribe Cygnini

  • Genus Cygnus – true swans: The black-and-yellow-billed swans are sometimes separated in the genus Olor.
  • True geese – tribe Anserini

  • Genus Anser – grey geese
  • Genus Chen – white geese (sometimes included in Anser)
  • Genus Branta – black geese
  • Unresolved

  • Genus Coscoroba – coscoroba swan

  • Anserinae Anserinae Geese amp Swans at University of Missouri Columbia StudyBlue

    These two genera are distinct from other geese and often elevated to a subfamily of their own (Cereopsinae), or alternatively into the shelduck subfamily Tadorninae:

    Tribe Cereopsini

  • Genus Cereopsis – Cape Barren goose
  • Genus Cnemiornis – New Zealand geese (prehistoric)

  • Anserinae Anserinae Geese amp Swans at University of Missouri Columbia StudyBlue

    Some enigmatic subfossils of very large goose-like birds from the Hawaiian Islands do not appear to be moa-nalos (goose-sized dabbling ducks). They cannot be assigned to any genus living today, though most, if not all, may be fairly close to Branta:

    Anserinae Anserinae Wikipedia

  • Geochen rhuax – initially allied with Cereopsis, but this seems hardly correct for reasons of biogeography.
  • Giant Hawaiʻi goose, ?Branta sp.
  • Giant Oʻahu goose, Anatidae sp. et gen. indet.

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