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Anokha Pyar

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Director  M.I. Dharamsey
Running time  2h 35m
Language  Hindi
5.6/10 IMDb

Genre  Romance
Country  India
Release date  1948
Songs  Ab Yaad Na Kar 1
Cast  Dilip Kumar (Ashok), Nargis (Geeta), Nalini Jaywant (Bindiya), Mukri, Sheikh Mukhtar

Anokha Pyar is a 1948 Indian Bollywood film starring Dilip Kumar, Nargis and Nalini Jaywant. The black and white film was directed by M. I. Dharamsey under the Ambika Films banner. The music was composed by Anil Biswas, who made use of a fairly unknown Lata Mangeshkar for the popular songs in the film. The rest of the cast included Sankatha Prasad, Mukri, Ved, Kesarbai, Habib, and Sheikh.


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The film, a romantic melodrama was a love triangle between Nargis and Nalini Jaywant with Dilip Kumar as the male interest.

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Ashok (Dilip Kumar) is an impoverished writer waiting for his book to be published. He meets Bindiya (Nalini Jaywant), a flower-seller, who insists he buy some flowers from her. Ashok gives his last two annas (12 pence) to her. A rogue tries to get the money from Bindiya and when Ashok tries to help her, he is knocked down and loses his eyesight. Bindiya takes Ashok to the local doctor whose daughter Geeta (Nargis) falls in love with him. Since he has no place to stay, the doctor gives Ashok accommodation in his house till he improves. Bindiya has also fallen in love with Ashok, and when Ashok is implicated in a probable murder she visits him in jail. Geeta's father dies and her two aunts come to stay with her and try to get her married. Meanwhile, Bindiya finds a suicide note from the apparent murdered victim and Ashok is set free. Geeta's aunts see Bindiya with Ashok and come to the opinion that she's his wife. They get Geeta to agree to get engaged to Ashok's publisher. After some more melodramatic turns in the story, Bindiya dies and Ashok and Geeta are united. Ashok's book becomes hugely popular.


  • Dilip Kumar as Ashok
  • Nargis as Geeta
  • Nalini Jaywant as Bindiya
  • Sankatha Prasad as the publisher
  • Mukri
  • Munshu Munakka
  • Kesarbai
  • Amir Bano as one of the aunts
  • Soundtrack

    Lata Mangeshkar was still finding a niche for herself in the Hindi film industry and according to Ganesh Anantharaman, it was a brave move by composer Anil Biswas to use Lata's "tinny vocals" in songs like "Jeevan Sapna Toot Gaya" and "Mere Liye Woh Gam-E-Intazar Chhod Gaye" sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Meena Kapoor. Other popular song were "Yaad Rakhna Chaand Taaro" sung by Lata and Mukesh, "Ik Dil Kaa Lagana Baqi Tha" sung by Lata. The lyricists were Zia Sarhadi, Gopal Singh Nepali, Behzad Lakhnavi and Shams Azimabadi.


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