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338 m

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20,079 (2011)


23°C, Wind NE at 5 km/h, 78% Humidity

Village life in annur coimbatore tamilnadu

Annur is a town panchayat and taluk headquarters of Annur Taluk of Coimbatore district. It is a suburb of Coimbatore city located north-east about 30 kilometers from the center of the city. Nearest airport is Coimbatore International Airport, which is about 27 kilometers and the nearest railway station is Coimbatore Central, which is about 30 kilometers away. Other cities/towns nearby Annur are Mettupalayam, which is 21 kilometers away in the west, Avanashi, which is 18 kilometers away in the east and Punjai Puliampatti, which is about 18 kilometers in the north.


Map of Annur, Tamil Nadu 641653

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The name Annur is believed to have been come from "Vanniyur", later transformed to Anniyur and now to Annur. The myth behind the name says that, over 1000 years ago, when a small hunter hit a stone under a "Vanni" tree, it started bleeding. He was astonished and called the village people to look after this issue. Later they found a "Suyambu" Lord Shiva Idol there and built a temple [Manneswarar temple].


Annur is located at 11.23°N 77.13°E / 11.23; 77.13. It has an average elevation of 338 metres (1108 feet). Annur is well connected by roads including the National Highway 209 (NH209) (Dindugal to Bangalore highway) and the State Highway 80 (SH80).


According to 2011 census taken by the Government of India, Annur had a population of 20079. Of which, males constitute 9971 and females constitute 10108. Annur has a literacy rate of 73.53%.

Administration and Economy

Annur is the taluk headquarters of Annur taluk in Coimbatore district. It is a town panchayat administered by the Town Panchayat President and a council of members elected by the people. Annur is surrounded by various other villages, whose primary source of income is agriculture. Agriculture produces from those villages are primarily taken to and sold in the Saturday weekly market in Annur, which is run by the Annur Town Panchayat administration through an appointed private contractor. Other sources of income include light and heavy engineering industries and cotton mills/textile processing units located in and around the town. Many of the people living in Annur town will be either working or run a business in Coimbatore city, given the close proximity of the town to the city.


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