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Anne Meson

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Anne Meson


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Anne Meson

Anne Meson (born 12 May 1975) is a French show host and singer. Her mother was a Russian artist and a dance teacher. Her father was a Spanish stuntman and musician. In her childhood, Anne studied piano, dance but also horse riding.


Anne Meson Alors tu les as reconnus

Her TV careers began in 1982 at 7, when she appears in several commercials. She also was a child model.

Anne Meson httpsiytimgcomviMKN3LcZqFqshqdefaultjpg

Anne appeared for the first time on the silver screen in 1984, in Stress along with French famous actors Carole Laure and Guy Marchand. Later, she joined the casts of : L'amour ou presque (1985), La lettre perdue (1987) and Bernadette (1988).

Anne Meson Anne Meson Casting la belle et le bte musical YouTube

Next to her cinema career, Anne also appeared on stage. She played in Molière's Le malade imaginaire, and starred in Philippe Chatel's famous musical Emilie Jolie. Two years later, Anne is probably the youngest accompanist to have played with French rock-star Johnny Hallyday during one of his concerts in Paris-Bercy.

Anne Meson Anne Meson Les p39tits loups Promo TV 3 YouTube

Anne - "QUE FERA LA BELLE" [clip intégral]

The Disney era

Anne Meson Anne Meson in Notre Dame de Paris The Hunchblog of Notre

1989 Anne becomes the new French Disney Ambassador , succeeding to Douchka.

Anne Meson monplusbeaurevepochettejpg

Her singing careers begins with the hit Oliver, inspired from the Disney's Movie "Oliver and Company" Her first solo album is released a few month laters. In the meantime, her TV careers takes a step forward as she copresents the "Disney Parade" French show with famous French presenter Jean-Pierre Foucault.

From this moment on, her career will bear the "Disney" seal : As the French Disney Ambassador, she will make the front page of several "Disney" magazines, record stories on K7. She'll even perform the French version of several Disney animated series, like "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers" (released in France under the title "Tic et Tac, les rangers du Risque") or "Darkwing Duck" (released in France under the title "Myster Mask"). Anne is a polyvalent artist : perhaps that's why she also worked at the French radio station "RTL" where she appears in two programs :RTL en scène and Quoi de neuf chez Disney. She also appeared in the French version of the musical Annie playing Tessie, one of the orphans before taking on the title role.

Meanwhile, three of the four first album's singles make it to the top ranks of the French Charts, and two years later sees Anne's consecration, as she's among the nominees for the 1991 prestigious "Victoire de la Musique – Album pour enfants de l'année" (Best Album for Children of the Year) for her first album. At the same time, her new LP, entitled "Demain c'est aujourd'hui" (Tomorrow is Today) is released. As full of hits as the first was, "Demain c'est aujourd'hui" contents several tracks entirely independent from the "Disney" movies and characters, like "1.2.3 Soleil" or "Mais qu'est-ce qui m'arrive ?". Anne took also part of a single designed to save a dying radio station for children "Superloustic".

1992 leds Anne back to the French famous stage of the Olympia where she performs live tracks taken from her two first album... The same year, her third album is released. Christened Que fera la belle ? (as a reference to the Disney Movie Beauty and the Beast) this album is definitely her best one, with 12 outstanding tracks, and rather few "Disney" songs. Once more nominee for the Victoire de la Musique (Best album for Children of the Year) for her second album. That year, almost like a normal teenager, Anne sits her "Baccalauréat", as she prepares her 1993 and last Disney album "Mon plus beau rêve" (My dearest dream).

At the end of her Disney engagement in 1994, Anne decides to leave the Disney Staff and tries to get a career of her own, with more personal songs and less Disney stuff. Rather rare today, most Anne's records from that time have become very valuable possessions, sometime at ten times their original value.

A new career

Next year, Anne gets a show on her own on French TV, before leaving to the United States, where she enters the famed Theatre of Art. Her American career included dubbing movies and commercials, the writing of her first play Alfredo's way. She comes back to France only to dance in Maurice Béjart's 1789 et nous, during the commemoration of the French Revolution anniversary. She also joins the Notre-Dame de Paris B cast in Las Vegas. This cast recorded an album, in which she sings these three songs : So look no more for love, Shining like the sun et My heart if you will swear. Unfortunately, this album is very difficult to find as it was sold only at the venues.

This is her ticket back to France's stages, as she's selected for the new Notre-Dame de Paris French cast in which she sometimes played Esméralda's and Fleur-de-lys' parts.

Meanwhile, she also recorded a demo for Randall Wallace's film The Man in the Iron Mask and a chorus part on a track in Garou's solo debut album Seul.

Meson moved to Spain where she currently lives with her boyfriend, with whom she is rumoured run a restaurant. She has not given up singing, as she's a member of Spanish band Naughty noise, preparing the third album which should be released sometime in 2006.


  • 1990 : Anne
  • 1991 : Demain c'est aujourd'hui
  • 1992 : Anne au pays d'EuroDisney
  • 1992 : Que fera la belle
  • 1993 : A toi de chanter volume 1 et 2
  • 1993 : Mon plus beau rêve
  • 1994 : Ses plus belles chansons
  • 2000 : Notre Dame de Paris Las Vegas cast B
  • 2000 : Garou – Seul (Choeurs sur "Criminel")
  • 2000 : Naughty noise – New bauhaus
  • 2002 : Naugthy noise – Mind your head
  • Singles

  • 1987 : Comme le dit toujours mon père (chorus)
  • 1989 : Oliver
  • 1990 : Si ma vie tourne bien
  • 1990 : La petite sirène
  • 1990 : Les p'tits loups
  • 1991 : Bernard et Bianca au pays des kangourous
  • 1991 : 1,2,3 soleil
  • 1991 : Demain c'est aujourd'hui (special edition)
  • 1991 : Superloustic – Ta radio c'est ton droit (participation)
  • 1992 : Que fera la belle
  • 1992 : Comme Bambi
  • 1992 : Dans le bleu
  • 1993 : Mon plus beau rêve
  • 1993 : Tout le monde veut devenir un cat
  • Filmographie

  • 1984 : Stress de Jean-Louis Bertucelli
  • 1985 : L'amour ou presque de Jean-François Balme
  • 1987 : La lettre perdue de Jean-Louis Bertucelli
  • 1988 : Bernadette de Jean Delannoy
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