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Anna Murdoch Mann

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Anna Mann


Hans Torv

In a street has street lights, electric post red building at the left, and a white building at the right with an crowd of guest with a woman behind Anna Murdoch Mann a woman is smiling, standing with a long blond hair, in front from left, Anna Murdoch Mann is happy, mouth half open, standing with his hands behind Rupert Murdoch looking to her right, has blond short hair wearing a pearl earrings, a white gold with a diamond necklace and a cream dress, at the right, Rupert Murdoch is smiling, standing, looking to his right, hands down, haas white hair wearing eyeglasses, a white polo with black bowtie under a black coat.

Rupert Murdoch (m. 1967–1999)

Aidan Patrick Murdoch, Aerin Elisabeth Murdoch, Kalan Alexander Murdoch

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30 June 1944 (age 78), Glasgow, United Kingdom


Anna Murdoch - Family Business - Part 1

Anna Maria Mann DSG (née Torv; formerly Murdoch; born 30 June 1944) is a Scottish journalist and novelist. She was married to Rupert Murdoch from 1967 to 1999, and they have three children together.


On the left, in a black background, Rupert Murdoch is serious, mouth half open, has black-white hair, wearing eyeglasses, white polo with black necktie under a black coat, in the middle, in a room with white walls and brown wooden door, Anna Murdoch Mann is serious, has short blond-brown hair, wearing pearl earrings, a red lipstick and a yellow coat, at the right a tall brown with cream wall building, has glass window, in front is street road with black car and silver USV, and a trees at the right and a black and white photo of Rupert Murdoch at the top left, he is smiling, has bald hair, wearing a white polo with gray necktie under a black coat.

Early life

In a white room with electric wall candle lamp and a white door, from left, Rupert Murdoch is smiling, standing, with his hands at the back waist of Anna, has bald top and white side hair, wearing a light blue polo with black and red printed necktie under a black coat with a maroon scarf on left chest pocket, at the right, Anna Murdoch Mann is smiling, standing, with her hands together in her stomach, has short blond hair wearing a silver ring gold watch, and a red long coat with large brooch on its left chest.

Anna Torv was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1944 to Jacob Tõrv, an Estonian-born merchant seaman, and Sylvia Braida, a Scottish drycleaner. Her parents had a drycleaning business in Glasgow, until they emigrated to Australia. When they opened a picnic park outside Sydney and it went bankrupt, her mother left the family household. She has two brothers and one sister. Raised Catholic, she attended a Sisters of Mercy convent school.


She worked as a journalist for the Australian Daily Telegraph. She later served on the board of directors of News Corporation.

She has written three books. Her first novel, In Her Own Image, is about two sisters who fall in love with the same man on a sheep station close to the Murrumbidgee River.

Personal life

In front of large bricks wall with people at the back, from left, Anna Murdoch Mann is smiling, standing, looking to Rupert, has brown blonde wavy hair, wearing red lipstick a gold necklace and a red dress, at the right Rupert Murdoch is smiling, standing has dark brown hair wearing eyeglasses a white polo with black bowtie under a black coat.

She was married to Rupert Murdoch from 1967 to 1999. They had three children:

  • Elisabeth Murdoch (born 1968)
  • Lachlan Murdoch (born 1971)
  • James Murdoch (born 1972)

  • When they divorced in 1999, she reportedly received $1.7 billion (including $110 million in cash) from the settlement. She remarried six months later, to William Mann, a financier. They reside in The Hamptons, in a house formerly owned by the philanthropist Yasmin Aga Khan.

    In 1998, she was made a Dame of the Order of St. Gregory the Great.


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