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Area  Toon Studio
Opening date  March 16, 2002
Attraction type  Live Stage Show
Opened  16 March 2002
Designer  Walt Disney Imagineering
Status  Closed
Closing date  January 31, 2016
Closed  31 January 2016
Duration  20 minutes
Animagique disneylandparisnewscomwpcontentuploads20160
Theme  History of Disney's Animation
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Animagique final curtain baisser de rideau 31 01 2016

Animagique was a live show at Walt Disney Studios Park housed in Studios 3, at the entrance of Toon Studio. The show closed on January 31, 2016 to make way for Mickey and the Magician which began on July 2, 2016.


Animagique Dedicated to DLP Celebrating Disneyland Paris Farewell Animagique

Disneyland paris animagique full show hd video

Plot summary

Animagique Dedicated to DLP Celebrating Disneyland Paris Farewell Animagique

Guests are invited to watch a show adventure about Disney Classics. It opens with Mickey and Donald teaching a drawing course in a room. At its far end is a door leading to the Cinematheque, which is strictly forbidden, as Mickey instructs Donald. However, after Mickey's departure, Donald decides he can open the door a little, without Mickey even knowing.

Animagique Animagique Show starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck at Walt Disney

As he does so, a flash of light takes Donald into the film vault. He then encounters scenes from various films including Dumbo, The Jungle Book, Pinocchio (formerly), The Little Mermaid and The Lion King.

Animagique Animagique

At the end, Donald tells Mickey about his amazing journey through this films, but Mickey doesn't believe him until Baloo, King Louie and Rafiki walk into the room.


Animagique Animagique soundtrack YouTube
  • Animagique puppeteers undertake intense training classes to co-ordinate and synchronise their movements in complete darkness. Before the opening of the park in 2002, they even followed classes of Ta├» Chi to perfect their perception of space.
  • Mickey and Sebastian are the only two characters speaking French in the show. Other characters Donald, Pink Elephants, Baloo, King Louie, Young Simba and Zazu are all speaking English in the show.
  • Several months after opening, the show briefly closed to allow for a reworking that included replacing an original Pinocchio scene, featuring Monstro the whale, but it scrapped shortly as it was deemed too scary for children, so it was replaced by The Little Mermaid.
  • The puppets Young Simba, Young Nala and Zazu, are all came from Magic Kingdom's former show The Legend of the Lion King.
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