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Angelika Yutt

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Occupation(s)  Singer

Name  Angelika Yutt
Role  Singer
Angelika Yutt httpsiytimgcomviZPoYSQEjwmaxresdefaultjpg
Born  November 5, 1969 (age 46) Simferopol, USSR (1969-11-05)
Genres  Pop, house, trance, opera
Albums  Avenue Del Mar, Cafe Lounge, Classic 4 Dance
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Angelika Aleksandrovna Yutt (Russian: Анжелика Александровна Ютт; born 5 November 1969 in Simferopol, Crimea, USSR), better known by stage name ANGELIKA (Russian: АНЖЕЛИКА), is a Russian opera, pop, house and trance singer (coloratura soprano); vocal trainer, producer and music composer.


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During Angelika’s studying at Simferopol Musical School, she was recognized as natural coloratura soprano. Then in Simferopol Musical College, her talents were developed and promoted. So when Angelika was a student she started career of a soloist in Crimea Ukrainian Musical Theatre and at the same time began as a pop singer.

Those times she, a student of music school and conservatory, often got into dispute with teachers and teaching aids, arguing that opera (means academic) singing could not be compatible with pop music. Later, these discussions led Angelika to original compositions that combine these two music vectors and ushered in a dream-mystery – new musical direction that she created.

1987: participating in "Crimean Dawns" International Festival

1992: moving to Minsk, where she became a soloist of "The Charmers" band. 1993: becoming a soloist of the Belarus State Concert Orchestra conducted by Mikhail Finberg. 1993: 1st prizes of "Maladzechna-93" and "Vilnius 93" International Vocal Contests Also Angelika some times took part in "Slavic Bazaar" and "Bialystok Hollyhocks" International Festivals. 1996: releasing the first solo album "Love Shore" and the first video of the same name. 1997-1999: working as the soloist of "Siabry" band. 1998: publishing the second solo album "Planet of Love", as well as "Mama Maroussia" album and "The Charmed Paradise" book of videos. 1998: 1st prize in "The Belarusian Chart-98" Music Video Festival with her "Mama-Maroussia" nominated as "The Best Song Of The Year" 1999: starting of an own solo project ANGELIKA. 2002-2006: co-working with Igor Siliviorstov, a well-known Moscow producer ("Virus", "Strelki"). In this cooperation and under Igor’s leadership "Above The Clouds" album, "I'm Flying" and "Goodbye" videos have appeared. 2006: as the contract with Siliviorstov ended Angelika produced herself one more solo album named "Goodbye" (Sound Mystery). Since then the project progressively was moving to GlobalsounD Produсtion, and in 2009 passed under its wing completely. 2009: Millennium Opera label (Austria) published ANGELIKA’s experimental album «The Mystery Of Time», which actually started the dream-mystery, a new musical trend as a mix of new age and new opera. This album was the first to use a combination of coloratura soprano with a club dance music in house and trance, and just in this compilation one could listen to Angelica Yutt singing Mozart's "Symphony No. 40" and Tchaikovsky’s "Little Swans’ Dance".

The same year Russian sportsman, tenfold world champion in free callisthenics in rhythmic gymnastics Olga Kapranova won all major competitions of the year such as World and European Championships, World Cup stages, etc. with ANGELIKA’s «Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in dream-mystery» (exercises with ribbon).

2009 – to the present time: more than 15 Angelika’s albums and singles were released, both solo and in co-working with musicians from Russia, France, Finland and USA. Her compositions repeatedly raised the first in JUNO, British sales charts, and were the part of TOP-100 best songs in Beatport, American music store. 2011: “ANGELIKA’s The Best” (BVI Production/Sound Mystery) was released, included 7 artist’s albums (90 tracks). Late 2013: Angelica Yutt became the first Russian artist who sang the Russian Federation National Anthem in Soul. The video of this interpretation of anthem summoned a violent reaction and discussions in social networks.

From 2004 till now ANGELIKA works as a vocal trainer and producer. She has its own vocal school and teaches vocal with her author’s technique using the experience of Seth Riggs, the prominent vocal trainer. In 2012 ANGELIKA as vocal trainer worked on "Sing!", the TV project of STS channel.


«Love Shore» (1996, TON Records, мк)

«Love Planet» (1998, TON Records, мк)

«Mroussia - once!» (1998, WEST, мк)

«The Charmed Paradise» (1999, TON Records, VHS)

«I love» (2002, TON Records, CD)

Over Clouds» (2003, Promore music / Зодиак, CD)

«Goodbye» (2006, Мистерия Звука, CD)

«MYSTERY OF TIME» (2009, Millennium Opera, CD/DVD)

«My Surreal Dream» (2010, Millennium Opera, maxi-single, digital)

«Silence [in your Eyes]» (2010, Millennium opera, single, digital)

«Silence [in your Eyes] (air mix)» (2010, Millennium opera, single, digital)

«FOLLOW ME! (Remixes)» (2011, BVI Production/Мистерия Звука/WMA, CD/digital)

«Over Clouds» (2012, WMA, digital)

«I forgive you» (2012, WMA, digital)

«Romantic Breeze vol.1» (2012, WMA, digital)

«Romantic Breeze vol.2» (2012, WMA, digital)

«THE BEST» (2012, BVI Production/Мистерия Звука/WMA, CD/digital)

«Love is the Answer» (Xten feat; 2012, Melancholy records, digital)

«Spirit of Love» (2012, WMA, digital)

«In your Eyes EP» (2013, Astrolabe Recordings, digital)

«Love is the Answer (lounge version)» (2013, EXIA, single, digital)

«I’ll be with you (chill mix)» (SourCream feat; 2013, Astrolabe Recordings, single, digital)

«Classic 4 Dance» (2013, Ylla Music, digital)

«Love is the Answer» (2013, Ylla Music/GlobalsounD PC, maxi-single, digital)

«Bad Love Story» (VADIM XOROSH feat; 2013, GlobalsounD PC, single, digital)

«Dance with me» (Xten feat; 2013, Ylla Music, single, digital)

«I’ll be with you» (SourCream feat; 2013, Ylla Music, maxi-single, digital)

«I believe» (2013, GlobalsounD PC, digital)

«Avenue del Mar» (2013, Ylla Music/GlobalsounD PC; 2015, Millennium Opera, digital)

«I see you» (DJ Clubactive feat; 2013, Ylla Music/GlobalsounD PC, digital)

«Apocalypse in Eden» (2013, Ylla Music, single, digital)

«Cafe lounge delight» (2013, Millennium Opera, digital)

«Apocalypse in Eden (Ghost mix)» (2014, Millennium Opera, single, digital)

Russian National Anthem (2014, Millennium Opera, single, digital)

«Egyptian Love» (2014, Millennium Opera, EP, digital)

«Fantasia del Amor» (2014, Millennium Opera, digital)

«Fantasia del Amor (air mix)» (2014, Millennium Opera, digital)

«I See You» (2014, B. V. I. Production, CD)

«My Angel» (2016, Millennium Opera, single, digital)

«It's Time To Go Home» (Oleg Byonic feat., 2016, Millennium Opera, single, digital)

«Love is the Answer (Air Project Remix)» (Xten feat., 2016, Millennium Opera, single, digital)

«I see you (Xten Remix)» (DJ Clubactive feat; 2016, Millennium Opera, single, digital)

«Eurodance 90's» (2016, GlobalsounD Ru Music, digital)

Movie career

2012: Galina, a witness in "The Lawyer" series


1993: "Maladzechna-93" International Vocal Contest, 1st prize 1993: "Vilnius 93" International Vocal Contest, Diploma 1998: "The Belarusian Chart-98", 1st prize and "The Best Song Of The Year"


2013, June, 2nd week: I See You, feat. DJ Clubactive – No. 1 in JUNO (progressive house) 2013, June,: I See You, feat. DJ Clubactive – No. 2 in «Club Zone» chart of Radio First (Israel) 2013, June, 4th week: Love Is The Answer (original radio edit) – No. 1 in JUNO (progressive house) 2013, July 2 week: Spirit of Love – No. 1 in JUNO (progressive house) 2013, July 15: Follow Me! (ambient mix) – No. 51 in Beatport TOP-100 Chill Out. 2013, September, 4th week: Apocalypse In Eden, feat. SourCream – No. 1 in JUNO (dub-step) 2013, October: Bad Love Story (Stars), feat. VADIM XOROSH – No. 2 in “Radius FM” weekly (Belarus) 2013, November, 3rd week: My Surreal Dream (ambient mix) – No. 1 in JUNO (downtempo) 2013, November 25: My Surreal Dream (ambient mix) – No. 29-е Beatport TOP-100 Chill Out. 2014, March 4: Apocalypse In Eden (Ghost mix) – No. 1 in Juno Download (Uplifting Trance). 2014, May 22: Egyptian Love (original club mix) – No. 1 in JunoDownload (Pop Dance). 2015, January 16: Fantasia del Amor (ait mix) – No. 1 in JunoDownload (Downtempo). 2015, January 16: Egyptian Love - #3 in chart SONIDO GLOBAL "TOP 65" YEAR END 2014 (Mexico).


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