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Anemone caroliniana

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Ranunculaceae
Scientific name  Anemone caroliniana
Rank  Species
Order  Ranunculales
Genus  Anemone
Higher classification  Anemone
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Similar  Anemone, Ranunculaceae, Anemone parviflora, Anemone cylindrica, Anemone drummondii

Anemone caroliniana (Carolina Anemone) is a herbaceous plant species in the genus Anemone and family Ranunculaceae. Plants grow (7)10 to 40 cm tall, from short tuber-like rhizomes that are 10-30 mm long. Stem leaves without petioles. Plants flowering early to mid spring with the flowers composed of 10 to 20 sepals (sometimes called tepals) normally white or soft rose colored but also purple, one flower per stem, the sepals are 10 to 22 mm long and 2-5 mm wide. Fruits in heads ovoid to subcylindric in shape, 17-25 mm long.


Anemone caroliniana Anemone caroliniana Carolina anemone Minnesota Wildflowers


Anemone caroliniana is native to central and south eastern parts of the U.S., primarily in the Great Plains and the Mississippi Valley with scattered populations in the Southeast from Tennessee and Mississippi to the Carolinas. Anemone  caroliniana was at one time recorded from Vigo County, Indiana, but has since become locally extinct in that state.


Anemone caroliniana is found growing in dry prairies, barrens and open rocky woods.

Anemone caroliniana Anemone caroliniana Carolina Anemone
Anemone caroliniana Anemone caroliniana Carolina anemone NPIN


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