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Andreas Hykade

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Name  Andreas Hykade

Role  Animation Director
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Education  Film Academy Baden-Wurttemberg
Movies  Love & Theft, The Runt, Ring of Fire, We Lived in Grass
Similar People  Thomas Meyer‑Hermann, Gottfried Mentor, Dirk Bach, Gerd Anthoff

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Andreas Hykade (born 1968 in Altötting, Bavaria) is an animation director from Germany. Before studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart from 1988 to 1990, he attended König-Karlmann-Gymnasium Altötting. He worked as an animator in London in 1991, then studied animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg until 1995. Since then he works as animation director, partly at "Studio Filmbilder" in Stuttgart, and as the Professor for Animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.


Andreas Hykade Filmakademie Names Andreas Hykade Director of Animation

Hykade's trademark style is based on very simple characters which move in smooth animation. Sometimes, like in the two music videos for Gigi D'Agostino, there's just a line over a flat color, much like the classical La Linea-character of Osvaldo Cavandoli (to which they are a loving homage). Often his characters feature single strokes as arms and legs, in this Hykade is similar to German comic artist OL.

Andreas Hykade Love and Theft by Andreas Hykade Animation Show of Shows

"We Lived in Grass" (1995) is a student film and Hykade's first part of The Country Trilogy. The set of the film is a place just two streets away from the end of the world. The film is told from the point of view of a little boy. "All women is whore and all men is soldier," the father of the boy says. "So go into Grass and kill a tiger for the best tits you can find." As the father gets testicular cancer, a journey into Grass for the young hero begins. We lived in Grass won numerous awards including the German short film Price. "Ring of Fire" (2000) is the second part of The Country Trilogy. It is set in a bright and shining bazaar of sexual desires. The film is describing an archaic Machomyth and the desire of two cowboys to break with this myth. "Ring of Fire" won countless awards including the Grand Price at the Ottawa Animation Festival.

Andreas Hykade Andreas Hykade Dr Grob39s Animation Review

In 1995, Hykade, along with Gil Alkabetz and Film Bilder, were commissioned to do a series of network ID's and commercials for Nickelodeon UK.

Andreas Hykade European Film Academy Animation Today

"The Runt" (2006) is Hykade's third and final part of The Country Trilogy. The once dead father of "We Lived in Grass" returns. "I give you the runt," he says. "But you take care of it and you kill it next year." With "The Runt", Hykade finished what he calls his early work.

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At present, Hykade is working at his first feature-length film. During a live talk at the Bradford Animation Festival on 17 November 2006, he revealed that the film would revolve around the life of Jesus. Hykade did not reveal exactly how he would treat the project, but mentioned his admiration for the films Life of Brian, The Last Temptation of Christ and Jesus Christ Superstar.

Since 2008 Hykade has taught animation at Harvard University.

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  • "The King is Dead" (1990)
  • "We Lived in Grass" (1995)
  • "Zehn kleine Jägermeister" (1996, music video for German band Die Toten Hosen)
  • "The Riddle" (2000, music video for Italian singer Gigi D'Agostino)
  • "Bla, bla, bla" (2000, music video for Italian singer Gigi D'Agostino)
  • "Ring of Fire" (2000)
  • "Time" (2002, TV mini series)
  • "Tom and the slice of bread with strawberry jam and honey 1-13" (2004 TV series)
  • "Walkampf" (2004, music video for German band Die Toten Hosen)
  • "The Runt" (2006)
  • "Tom and the slice of bread with strawberry jam and honey 14-26" (2008 TV series)
  • "Love & Theft" (2010)
  • "Tom and the slice of bread with strawberry jam and honey 27-39" (2011 TV series)
  • "Tom and the slice of bread with strawberry jam and honey 40-52" (2012 TV series)
  • "Nuggets" (2014)
  • Trivia

    Whilst creating "We Lived in Grass" (1995) at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg he met Philip Hunt. Hunt was employed as the animator in residence working on the award-winning short, "Ah Pook is Here". Hunt enlisted the help of the entire Academy staff, all apart from Hykade who continued producing his graduation piece.

    However, Hunt asserts that whilst Andreas escaped a role on the film, he was a motivational force in making AH POOK happen - if only for his good humour and support when the project was at its hardest. Hunt recently interviewed 'Hugi' on stage at the Bradford animation festival where a retrospective of Hykade's work was shown.


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