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All Work and No Pay

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Episode no.  Season 1 Episode 3
Written by  Donald James
Original air date  5 October 1969
Directed by  Jeremy Summers
Production code  03
All Work and No Pay

All Work and No Pay is the third episode of the popular 1969 ITC British television series Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) starring Mike Pratt, Kenneth Cope and Annette Andre. The episode was first broadcast on 5 October 1969 on ITV. Directed by Jeremy Summers.



The Foster Brothers (Alfred Burke and Dudley Foster), two rich conmen who claim to be spiritualists, try to convince Jeannie that Marty is haunting her as a poltergeist by using electronic equipment to smash objects in her apartment. Holding her trust, they then recruit her to leave Randall and Hopkirk and work for them, earning £75-£100 to ensure that widows like her use their medium service.

Attempting to lure Jeannie back, Jeff pays an actress friend Laura Watson (Adrienne Corri) a scraped £250 to play the role of a client looking for a lost son. However, the actress shortchanges Jeff by only handing £25 over to Jeannie, who in turn introduces her to the Fosters. While there, they reveal that they intend to kill Laura, the only difference between her and their previous victims being that they're telling her in advance, so that she'll know they'll try to reach her on the "other side". Genuinely interested in being mediums, they also ask her to contact Marty Hopkirk after her death, as a reward for his widow Jeannie.

Using Marty's help Jeff uncovers their plans, whereby they decide to kill both Jeff and Jeannie using their equipment. Marty teleports to a nearby electricity power station and overloads the grid, blacking out the whole of southern England, including the Fosters' home. With Jeff calling the police, the brothers are arrested, and Jeff finds Laura Watson hiding in the back of his car, covered in only newspapers after having swum to safety while the plot developed.


  • Mike Pratt as Jeff Randall
  • Kenneth Cope as Marty Hopkirk
  • Annette Andre as Jeannie Hopkirk
  • Alfred Burke .... Henry Foster
  • Dudley Foster .... George Foster
  • Adrienne Corri .... Laura Watson
  • Noel Davis .... Pawnbroker's Clerk
  • Michael Rathborne .... Man in Laundromat
  • Production

    Although the 3rd episode in the series, All Work and No Pay was the 12th episode to be shot, filmed between November and December 1968. Exteriors of the Foster brothers' home were filmed at Stanmore Hall in Stanmore. Laura's flat exteriors were shot at Charlbert Street in North West London.

    A finished print was completed by mid-May 1969. It is listed as episode 16 in ITC literature.


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