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Alistair Elliot

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Alistair Elliot


Christ Church, Oxford

Alistair Elliot William Martin estate of FromAlistair Elliot

Facing things, Turning the stones, Imaginary Lines, My Country: Collected, On the Appian Way

Alistair Elliot (born 13 October 1932 Liverpool) is a British poet and translator.


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He was born in Liverpool, son of a Scottish family doctor and an English mother, and educated at Asheville School, Asheville, North Carolina, Fettes College, Edinburgh, and Christ Church, Oxford.

He was a vegetable invoice clerk in Covent Garden market, night sterilizer in a food factory, waiter, film critic, supply teacher, actor (with the English Children's Theatre under Caryl Jenner) and finally librarian in Kensington, Keele, Shiraz, and lastly at Newcastle University.

His translation of Euripides' Medea was performed in theatres in London and New York in a production by Jonathan Kent with Diana Rigg in the leading rôle.

His poems have appeared in Oxford Poetry, The Paris Review, and many other journals.


  • 2000 Cholmondeley Award
  • Poetry

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  • Contentions, 1977
  • Air in the Wrong Place, 1968
  • Telling the Stones. Shoestring Press. 2017. ISBN 978-1-910323-69-4. 
  • Translation

  • Euripides (1993). Medea. Translator Alistair Elliot. Oberon Books. 
  • Heinrich Heine (1979). The Lazarus poems. Translator Alistair Elliot. Mid Northumberland Arts Group. 
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  • Euripides (2008). Phaethon, reconstructed from the fragments. Translator Alistair Elliot. Oberon Books. ISBN 978-1-84002-897-3. 
  • Editor

  • Alistair Elliot, ed. (1970). Poems by James I and Others: from a Manuscript Miscellany in Newcastle University Library:. Eagle Press. ISBN 978-0-9500358-5-7. 
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