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Alices Birthday

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Director  Sergei Seryogin
Initial DVD release  March 31, 2009 (Russia)
Country  Russia
5.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Animation, Family, Sci-Fi
Budget  60 million RUB
Language  Russian
Alices Birthday movie poster
Writer  Kir Bulychov, Andrey Zhitkov, Andrey Salomatov
Release date  February 12, 2009 (2009-02-12)
Initial release  February 12, 2009 (Russia)
Cast  Yaroslava Nikolaeva (Alisa Selezneva (voice)), Evgeniy Stychkin (Professor Rrrr (voice)), Aleksey Kolgan (Gromozeka (voice)), Roman Staburov (Doctor / Stephan (voice))
Similar movies  Kir Bulychev wrote the story for Alices Birthday and wrote the screenplay for The Mystery of the Third Planet

Alice's Birthday (Russian: Де́нь рожде́ния Али́сы, translit. Den' rozhdeniya Alisy), is a 2009 Russian traditionally animated children's science fiction film, directed by Sergey Seryogin and produced by Master-film studio. The film is based on a novella of the same name by Kir Bulychov about Alisa (Alice) Selezneva, a teenage girl from the future. It is a spiritual successor to 1981 animated film The Mystery of the Third Planet, from which it draws a heavy influence.


Alices Birthday movie scenes


Alices Birthday movie scenes

Alisa Selezneva joins an archeological expedition to the dead planet of Coleida. There are well-preserved cities from the past, yet all of planet's inhabitants had died centuries ago due to unknown plague.

Alice's Birthday KEEP CALM CAUSE ITS ALICES BIRTHDAY Poster Ashley Keep Calmo

Using a time-travelling device, Alisa and an alien scientist Rrrr, who looks almost exactly like a cat, travel to the planet's past, to the day the plague began. They find themselves in a world that resembles 20th century Earth, Soviet Union in particular. Coleidians are expecting the return of their cosmonauts from their first trip to another planet. Alisa realizes that the cosmonauts were the cause of the plague, and decides to prevent it.

Through numerous obstacles, she comes close to the returned spaceship and uses a disinfection spray to prevent plague from spreading. To Coleidian police, it looks like an assault, so they catch Alisa and imprison her. With Rrrr's help, she's able to escape and return to the future. Upon arrival, they find that the future changed and Coleida is no more a dead planet, but a flourishing civilisation.


Roughly one third of the film's 60 million ruble budget was provided by the Russian government.

The film premiered in Star City, Russia on February 12, 2009. It was widely released in Russia on February 19 with 250 film prints.

Some of the scenes were done using Flash animation. The part of Gromozeka was played by Aleksey Kolgan, who is also the Russian voice of Shrek. Natalya Guseva, who played Alisa in the 1985 live-action TV series Guest from the Future, has a minor role as the spaceship captain.

Script Editor - Natalya Abramova. Art Director — Sergey Gavrilov.


Alice's Birthday was met with mixed reviews. It was praised as a faithful adaptation and for following the traditions of The Mystery of the Third Planet, as Alice's Birthday characters' design was largely based on that film. Yet many critics were disappointed with the film's visual style and soundtrack. Mir Fantastiki called the film a nostalgic reprise of Soviet science fiction that tries to catch up to modern children.


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