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Alice in Videoland

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Origin  Sweden
Years active  2002–present
Alice in Videoland Alice in Videoland Tour Dates 2017 Upcoming Alice in Videoland
Past members  Carl Lundgren Anders Lundgren Dominique
Genres  Electroclash, Synthpop, Electropunk
Members  Toril Lindqvist, Anders Alexander, Johan Dahlbom, Carl Lundgren, Anders Lundgren
Record labels  National, National Records
Albums  She's a Machine!, A Million Thoughts and They, Maiden Voyage, Outrageous!

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Alice in Videoland is an electroclash band from Sweden. They are compared to bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Missing Persons and The Sounds, although they are more electronic.


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Alice in Videoland describe themselves as a combination of minimal 80's synth pop music with an upbeat electronic body music (ebm) assault and a bitchy disco punk female singer.

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Alice in Videoland was formed in 2002 by singer Toril Lindqvist and former band member Carl Lundgren. The band gained a massive response on their very first demo with the original idea, which they still try to adhere to, of combining edgy synth-basses, ebm and electro with punk rock, and placing the edgy voice and melodies of Toril on top to create a unique style.

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After six months of being on the ‘demo market’ the band were signed to the National label and recruited Anders Alexander (drums and synths) and Johan Dahlbom (bass). The recording of their debut album Maiden Voyage (2003) began. At the same time the band took the local club scene by storm with their energetic live shows.

Their second album Outrageous! was released in 2005 and by that time the band had gained an underground worldwide fan base. The single "Cut The Crap" opened up the US market for the band and a contract was signed with US label Storming The Base. Before the release of Outrageous! Carl Lundgren left the band and was replaced by Dominique who later also left the band due to his own projects. The guitarist Martin Kenzo plays now in their place.

More recently Alice in Videoland has returned to release their third album She’s A Machine! in 2008, which the band described as harder and edgier than their previous works.

In 2010 Alice In Videoland released their latest single "Spaceship" which became the band's first radio hit in Sweden and on November 2 the same year, they released their fourth album A Million Thoughts And They´re All About You. The band also made their first video ( "In A Band") in 5 years.

In April 2015, after a nearly four-year hiatus, the band announced that their new single "Let Go" would be released in May, and their fifth album Forever would be released sometime later in 2015.

Line up

  • Toril Lindqvist – vocals
  • Anders Alexander – drums, synth
  • Johan Dahlbom – bass
  • Martin Kenzo – guitar
  • Albums

  • Maiden Voyage (2003)
  • Outrageous! (2005)
  • She's A Machine! (2008)
  • A Million Thoughts and They’re All About You (2010)
  • Forever (2017)
  • Giana Mix of "Black" by Colony 5 on the EP Black
  • Nemesis Mix of "Nothing Can Be Saved" by Univaque on the EP Nothing Can Be Saved
  • Remix of "Dead Body" by XPQ-21 on the album Alive
  • Remix of "Superior Love" by Sara Noxx (featuring Limahl) on the EP Superior Love (The Bright Side)
  • Songs

    We Are RebelsShe's a Machine! · 2008
    RadiosongOutrageous! · 2005
    She's a MachineShe's a Machine! · 2008


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