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Aleksandr Demyanenko

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Occupation  Actor
Children  Anzhelika Nevolina
Spouse  Liudmila Demyanenko
Role  Film actor
Name  Aleksandr Demyanenko

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Born  May 30, 1937 (1937-05-30) Sverdlovsk, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Awards  People's Artist of the RSFSR (1991)
Died  August 22, 1999, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Parents  Sergei Petrovich Demyanenko
Movies  Operation Y and Shurik's, Kidnapping - Caucasian Style, Ivan Vasilievich: Back to th, Vechera na khutore bliz Dikanki, The Only One
Similar People  Leonid Gaidai, Natalya Seleznyova, Georgiy Vitsin, Yevgeny Morgunov, Natalya Varley

Aleksandr demyanenko

Aleksandr Sergeievich Demyanenko (Russian: Алекса́ндр Серге́евич Демья́ненко; May 30, 1937 – August 22, 1999) was a Russian film and theater actor. He was given the honorary distinction of People's Artist of the RSFSR. He began his acting career with the film Veter in 1958, and is well known for playing the character Shurik in a number of films, beginning with the 1965 comedy Operation Y and Other Shurik's Adventures, and ending with the 1997 film Old Songs of the Main Things 2.


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Early life

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Aleksandr Demyanenko was born in Sverdlovsk, Soviet Union in 1937. Aleksandr's mother, Galina Belkova was an accountant. His father, Sergei Petrovich, was an actor who graduated from the Lunacharsky State Institute for Theatre Arts. Sergei later worked as a director at the Sverdvlosk Opera Theatre, and as a child Aleksandr played bit parts at the theatre. Aleksandr attended a theater workshop at the Palace of Culture and parallel to that he studied piano at a music school. He also learned foreign languages with an emphasis on German in middle school and in high school started to sing in a baritone. In 1954 he began to study jurisprudence at the Sverdlovsk University of Law, but was expelled from the first semester for skipping lessons. In 1954 he failed to get into the Moscow Art Theatre, however in 1955 he was accepted both at the Lunacharsky State Institute for Theatre Arts and at the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute in Moscow. He ended up choosing Lunacharsky.

Acting career

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In 1958 he was cast in the film Veter (Russian: Ветер). In 1959 he graduated from the Lunacharsky State Institute for Theatre Arts theatre acting school. He then worked in the Mayakovsky Theater in Moscow. In 1959 he starred in Everything Begins with Hitting the Road.

In 1961 Aleksandr Demyanenko moved to Leningrad and became staff actor at Lenfilm studio. There he starred in the film Grown-Up Children. He then went on to play in A Night Before Christmas, Peace to Him Who Enter and was cast for the title role in Dima Gorin's Career. In 1962 he starred in A Trip Without a Load and Bang the Drum. In 1963 he starred in Cheka Employee, The First Trolleybus and Cain XVIII. In 1964 he starred in The Returned Music and State Offender.

In 1965 he was cast for the role of Shurik in the classic Soviet comedy Operation Y and Other Shurik's Adventures. This role earned Demyanenko the image of nerdy student Shurik ("Shurik" being a diminutive form of the name Aleksandr). In 1966 he starred in the semi-sequel to the film Kidnapping, Caucasian Style. In 1967, he starred in the film War Under the Roofs and in 1968 in The Dead Season. In 1969 he starred in Tomorrow, April 3 and The Ugryum River. In 1971 he starred in Dauria. In 1972 he starred in Hello and Goodbye and The Singing Teacher.

In 1973 he once again reunited with Leonid Gaidai to star in the film Ivan Vasilyevich: Back to the Future where he plays a scientist named Shurik who invents a time machine. Demyanenko was unable to gain popularity for other roles as he was typecast as a scientist due to his tremendous popularity as the nerdy, crime-fighting student Shurik. He frequently provided voice-overs for foreign and domestic films, and even Donatas Banionis admitted that his dubbing was an improvement over his original acting.

Later years

He appeared in the television movie Old Songs of the Main Things 2 in 1997 playing an aged Shurik. He had a brief role in the TV series Strawberry and reprised his famous role of the nerdy professor in Old Songs of the Main Things 3 in 1998.

He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure but was afraid of getting bypass surgery. In 1999 Aleksandr Demyanenko died from a heart attack.

Personal life

His first marriage was to Marina Sklyarova with whom he went to acting classes. He divorced Sklyarova when he became involved with voice-over director from Lenfilm Liudmila Demyanenko who became his second wife, to whom they stayed married until his death. He became the stepfather to her daughter Angelica Nevolina, who later became an actress.


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  • Five Days, Five Nights (1960) - soldier
  • The Grown up Children (1961) - Igor Nikolaevich Vinogradov
  • Dima Gorin's Career (1961) - Dima Gorin
  • Peace to Him Who Enters (1961) - Ivlev Alexander
  • A Trip Without a Load (1962) - Pavel Sirotkin
  • Cain XVIII (1963) - Ian
  • State Criminal (1964) - Polikanov Andrei Nikolaevich
  • Operation Y and Other Shurik's Adventures (1965) - Shurik
  • Kidnapping, Caucasian Style (1967) - Shurik
  • Dauria (1971) - executioner
  • Failure of Engineer Garin (1973) - uncredited
  • Ivan Vasilyevich: Back to the Future (1973) - Shurik
  • Strange Adults (1974) - Nalivaiko Evgeniy
  • The Last Winter Day (1974)
  • Unique (1975) - scientist
  • Eleven Hopes (1975) - Volodya
  • Crane in the Sky (1977) - Andrei Zabolotniy
  • A Moment Decides Everything (1978) - Nikolai Ivanovich Martynov
  • Chest of Drawers Was Lead Through the Street... (1978) - Misha
  • The Nightingale (1979) - Mekhanikus
  • The Bat (1979) - lawyer Blindt
  • The Useless Girl (1980) - Viktor Tikhonov
  • Comrade Innokenty (1981)
  • It Was Beyond the Narva Gate (1981)
  • An Awful Day (1982)
  • My Love: A Revolution (1982)
  • The Green Van (1983) - Viktor Prokofievich Shestakov
  • Echo of a Distant Blast (1983) - Albert Valdaitsev
  • Stories of an Old Magician (1984) - cannibal
  • Dear, Dearest, Beloved, Unique... (1984) - police captain
  • A Prophetic Dream, or Suitcase (1985) - uncle of Pavel
  • Bright Personality (Светлая личность, 1988) - doctor Spravchenko
  • Tamara Aleksandrovna's Husband and Daughter (1988) - uncle Slava
  • A Game for Millions (1991) - Roman Zhukov
  • And to Hell with Us (1991) - Andrei Andreevich
  • The White Clothes (1991) - Parai
  • Seven-Forty (1992) - Viktor Pavlovich
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