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Alan Needleman

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Name  Alan Needleman

Role  Professor
Alan Needleman imechanicaorgfilesimagesalan20needlemanjpg
Education  Harvard University (1970), University of Pennsylvania
Awards  Timoshenko Medal, Guggenheim Fellowship for Natural Sciences, US & Canada

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Alan Needleman was born September 2, 1944, in Philadelphia, PA and is Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, Texas A & M University. Prior to 2009, he was Florence Pirce Grant University Professor of Mechanics of Solids and Structures at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Professor Needleman received his B.S. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1966, an M.S. and Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1967 and 1970 respectively, advised by John W. Hutchinson. He was an Instructor and Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1970 to 1975. He was a Professor of Engineering at Brown University starting in 1975, and served as the Dean of the Engineering Department from 1988 to 1991. He was the chair of the Applied Mechanics Division.


Professor Needleman's main research interests are in the computational modeling of deformation and fracture processes in structural materials, in particular metals. A general objective is to provide quantitative relations between the measurable (and hopefully controllable) features of the materials' micro-scale structure and its macroscopic mechanical behavior. Ongoing research projects involve studies of ductile fracture and ductile-brittle transitions; crack growth in heterogeneous microstructures with particular emphasis on the role of interfaces; nonlocal and discrete dislocation plasticity; fatigue crack growth; and fast fracture in brittle solids.

Professor Needleman is a Member of the National Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a Fellow of the American Academy of Mechanics, an Honorary Member of MECAMAT (Groupe Français de Mecanique des Matériaux) and a Foreign Member of the Danish Center for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics. He has been recognized by Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) Science Citation Index as a highly cited author both in Engineering and in Materials Science. In 1994, his work on 3D modeling of metallic fracture was a finalist in the Science Category for the Computerworld-Smithsonian Award. In 2006 he was the recipient of both the William Prager Medal and the Drucker Medal and received an Honorary Doctorate from Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He is also the recipient of Timoshenko Medal in 2011.

Alan needleman computational modeling of ductile fracture processes

List of publications

Some of his most highly cited publications (taken from ISI Web of Knowledge) include:

  • Needleman, A. and J. R. Rice (1980). "Plastic Creep Flow Effects In The Diffusive Cavitation Of Grain-Boundaries." Acta Metallurgica 28(10): 1315-1332.
  • Christman, T., A. Needleman, et al. (1989). "An Experimental And Numerical Study Of Deformation In Metal Ceramic Composites." Acta Metallurgica 37(11): 3029-3050.
  • Asaro, R. J. and A. Needleman (1985). "Overview.42. Texture Development And Strain-Hardening In Rate Dependent Polycrystals." Acta Metallurgica 33(6): 923-953.
  • Peirce, D., R. J. Asaro, Needleman, A. (1983). "Material Rate Dependence And Localized Deformation In Crystalline Solids." Acta Metallurgica 31(12): 1951-1976.
  • Pierce, D., C. F. Shih, Needleman, A. (1984). "A Tangent Modulus Method For Rate Dependent Solids." Computers & Structures 18(5): 875-887.
  • Xu, X. P. and A. Needleman (1994). "Numerical Simulations Of Fast Crack-Growth In Brittle Solids." Journal Of The Mechanics And Physics Of Solids 42(9): 1397-&.
  • Needleman, A. (1987). "A Continuum Model For Void Nucleation By Inclusion Debonding." Journal Of Applied Mechanics-Transactions of the ASME 54(3): 525-531.
  • Chu, C. C. and A. Needleman (1980). "Void Nucleation Effects In Biaxially Stretched Sheets." Journal Of Engineering Materials And Technology-Transactions of the ASME 102(3): 249-256.
  • Needleman, A. and V. Tvergaard (1987). "An Analysis Of Ductile Rupture Modes At A Crack Tip." Journal Of The Mechanics And Physics Of Solids 35(2): 151-183.
  • Van der Giessen, E. and A. Needleman (1995). "Discrete Dislocation Plasticity - A Simple Planar Model." Modelling And Simulation In Materials Science And Engineering 3(5): 689-735.
  • Professor Needleman often collaborates with Viggo Tvergaard, John Hutchinson, Subra Suresh, and Erik van der Giessen among others in both materials science and mechanics.


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