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Akemi Kanda

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Native name  神田 朱未
Agent  Aoni Production
Movies  Baccano: Vol. 4
Status  Married
Home town  Aichi Prefecture
Albums  Love Aice5
Occupation  Voice actress
Name  Akemi Kanda
Music group  Aice⁵
Years active  2000–present
Role  Voice actress

Akemi Kanda Akemi Kanda singer jpop
Born  November 10, 1978 (age 37) (1978-11-10) Nagoya, Japan

Haruna Sakurada/Patricia Haruna English & Japanese Voice Comparison

Akemi Kanda (神田 朱未, Kanda Akemi, born November 10, 1978) is a Japanese voice actress affiliated with Aoni Production. Her major anime roles include: Asuna Kagurazaka in the Negima series, Kana Suouin in Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, Misuzu in Gin-iro no Olynssis, Kazuki Arisaka in Tona-Gura!, Rihoko Amaha in Witchblade, Miharu Amakase in Da Capo, Tokino Akiyama in Kujibiki Unbalance, and Nina Sakura in Ultra Maniac. She also sings with the voice actors on songs for the anime shows and is associated with voice actor units Drops and Aice5, releasing multiple character and compilation albums. In video games she voices Estelle Bright in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Nanako Dojima in Persona 4, Mio Amakura in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, and Melody in Rune Factory.



Studio and mini-albums
  • Daisuki (大好き) (Konami, 2002)
  • Tona-Gura! Character mini album Katsuki-Hatsune (となグラ!キャラクターミニアルバム 香月・初音) (Starchild, 2006)
  • Tona-Gura! Character mini album Katsuki-Chihaya (となグラ!キャラクターミニアルバム 香月・ちはや) (Starchild, 2006)
  • Tona-Gura! Character song album Donari Gurashi Discography! (となグラ!キャラソンアルバム どなりぐらしDiscography!) (Starchild, 2006)
  • Tona-Gura! Arisaka Kazuki mini album Distance of First Love (となグラ!有坂香月ミニアルバム Distance ofFirstLove) (Starchild, 2006)
  • Negima!? CD songs 1 (ネギま!?うたのCD(1)) (Starchild, 2006)
  • with Aice5
  • Love Aice5 (Starchild, 2007)
  • with DROPS
  • Can Drops (Starchild, 2004)
  • Compilation albums
  • Bitter Sweet Friday (King Records, KIZC-7~8, 2007)
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