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Ahmed al Mirghani

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Sunni Islam

Succeeded by
Omar al-Bashir

Democratic Unionist Party

University of London

Ahmed al-Mirghani

June 30, 1989

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Preceded by
Abdel Rahman Swar al-Dahab

August 16, 1941 Khartoum North, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (

Political party
Democratic Unionist Party

November 2, 2008, Alexandria, Egypt

Presidential term
May 6, 1986 – June 30, 1989

(Al-sayyid) Ahmad Ali Al-Mirghani (Arabic: أحمد الميرغني‎‎; 16 August 1941 – 2 November 2008) was the Head of State of Sudan from May 6, 1986, to June 30, 1989, when the democratically elected government was toppled by a military coup led by the current President Omar al-Bashir.


Early life

Al-Mirghani was the descendant of the respected Mirghani family of Sudan and the great-great grandson of Al Sayyid Mohammed Uthman al-Mirghani al-Khatim. He graduated with a First class degree from the University of London and returned to Sudan. His daughter is now living in London with 4 boys, two of whom are also at colleges that are a part of the University of London. He progressed through a professional career until the elections of 1986 when he was elected as the President of the country. He played a major role in convincing King Faisal of Saudi Arabia to travel and meet President Naser of Egypt in Sudan in the famous 1967 Khartoum summit.


Al-Mirghani was elected President of Sudan in 1986 during the country's last democratic elections. He was unseated in a 1989 coup led by the current president Omar al-Bashir.

Later years

Following the coup Al-Mirghani lived in Alexandria, Egypt. He returned to Sudan shortly before his death and lobbied for peace on the War in Darfur. He actively worked on the Darfur file and was chosen as the head of the Darfur Circle in the Democratic Unionist Party. His final trip abroad was to Libya where he held a number of meetings with the rebel groups and the Libyan leadership regarding the solutions to the Western Sudan problem.


Al-Mirghani died in Egypt on November 2, 2008, at the age of 67. Several Sudanese politicians including the president travelled to the Mirghani base in Khartoum to mourn the former president. His body was flown to Khartoum on November 5, and his funeral was held there on the same day. The funeral procession travelled from the airport in the south of the capital Khartoum through the city streets to the north of the capital, where he was buried.

Panama Papers

In April 2016, al-Mirghani was named in the Panama Papers.


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