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Ahliman Amiraslanov

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Nationality  Azerbaijan

Name  Ahliman Amiraslanov
Ahliman Amiraslanov

Born  Azerbaijani: Əhliman Tapdiq oglu Əmiraslanov 17 November 1947 Zod, Basargechar raion, Armenian SSR (1947-11-17)
Alma mater  Azerbaijan Medical University

Ahliman Tapdiq oğlu Amiraslanov (Azerbaijani: Əhliman Tapdıq oğlu Əmiraslanov; born 1947 in Zod, Armenian SSR) — is an oncologist, a professor and Rector of Azerbaijan Medical University.


Personal life

He was born 1947 in the village Zod in the Basargechar raion of the Armenian SSR. In 1970, he graduated from the Azerbaijan Medical Institute in Baku, Azerbaijan. In 1977, he defended his doctoral thesis in the Soviet Academy for Medical Sciences, Moscow. He has been Rector of the Azerbaijan Medical University since 1992.

He is Co-Chairman of the Rectors' Council of the Universities of Turkic Countries.He was member of the parliament (Supreme Soviet) of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1990-95.

Main scientific achievements and awards

  • 1985 — Academician Petrov’s award of the Academy of Medical Sciences of USSR;
  • 1986 — USSR State Prize
  • 1991 — A Meritorious Scientist of the Azerbaijan Republic;
  • 1999 — Laureate of A.Schweizer Golden Medal of Poland Academy of Medical Sciences;
  • 2000 — Recipient of the Shohrat Order
  • Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

  • Member of International Association of Orthopedists, Traumatologists and Oncologists;
  • Member of European Association of Reconstructive Surgery;
  • Member of Grecian, Hungarian, Czechoslovakian Society of Oncologists;
  • Member of American Society of Clinical Oncology;
  • Active member of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences;
  • Active member of Poland Academy of Medical Sciences;
  • Active member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences;
  • Active member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences;
  • Scientific works

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