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A. P. Arjun

Release date
June 15, 2012 (India)

A.P. Arjun (story)




Music director
V. Harikrishna


Addhuri httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenddfAdd

Release date
15 June 2012 (2012-06-15)


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Addhuri (Kannada: ಅದ್ಧೂರಿ) is a 2012 Kannada romantic film starring Dhruva Sarja, in his debut, and Radhika Pandit in the lead roles. The story, screenplay, dialogues and direction are by A. P. Arjun of the Kannada movie Ambaari fame. V. Harikrishna is the music director of the film. Keerthi Swamy of Maryland, U S A and Shankar Reddy of Bengaluru have produced the venture. Soorya S Kiran of "Dildaara" fame is the Cinematographer. The film made its theatrical release across Karnataka screens on 15 June 2012. The stunts are handled by Ravi Verma. In one of the scenes Dhruva Sarja jumped from 65 feet height and did all stunts without dupes.


Addhuri Aa Ammate Song from the Movie Addhuri YouTube YouTube

Ammate official video addhuri feat dhruva sarja and radhika pandith


Addhuri Addhuri News Latest News and Updates on Addhuri at News18

The story opens at a railway station where the director is narrating the different kinds of arguments and fights that happen at a railway station. The scene then shifts to a couple standing on a bridge over the tracks. The story soon moves into the lives of the couple who are fighting. Arjun (Dhruva Sarja) is seen having a heated argument with Poorna (Radhika Pandit). Although it is not made clear as to why they are fighting, it is understood that they are lovers and Arjun is trying to patch up with Poorna.

Addhuri Subscene Addhuri English subtitle

Arjun tries valiantly to patch up with Poorna, who is vehemently denying his every apology and request to reconcile. Their argument soon enters into a situation where Arjun is forced to lie to stop Poorna from abandoning him and leave to Delhi. So, after befriending the ticket master (Tabla Nani), who helps his cause by giving Poorna a delayed ticket, Arjun feels that he has a chance to win back his love in just 6 (Six) days. Arjun challenges Poorna that he can win her back if she agrees to be with him for these last 6 days, in which he wants her to accompany her to all the places they had been as lovers before. Poorna reluctantly agrees, and the story now runs on two tracks where the director shows how close Arjun and Poorna were when they were together and how they are at present.

Addhuri Addhuri News Latest News and Updates on Addhuri at News18

So, as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th days pass, Arjun endures a lot of scorn and hate from Poorna as he tries to win her heart. He takes on a gang of local goons who taunt her, and bashes them, but that still doesn't melt her heart. One day, Poorna appears at Arujun's house (the scene at this point shows that she might have actually forgiven Arjun) and asks him to buy her a dress and meet her tomorrow as she has a surprise for him. Arjun, excited, presents Poorna a dress, which she promises to wear when she meets him, and waits for her at the preset location. However, Arjun's heart is torn apart when Poorna introduces her fiance Tarun (Tarun Chandra) further humiliating Arjun.

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Nevertheless, Arjun takes this insult in his stride and narrates his love story to Tarun, who is unaware that Arjun is actually telling Tarun his own love story he shares with Poorna. Tarun rejoices in the many twists and turns that Arjun endures to win Poorna'a love. It is now revealed that Arjun was nicknamed 'Achhu' and Poorna was nicknamed 'Rachhu' and they referred to themselves using the same names from the time they fell in love. Tarun is impressed with Arjun and promises any help he can offer for Arjun to reclaim his love and leaves.

Although it is not revealed till the later part of the movie as to what caused the rift in their relationship, it soon becomes apparent that Poorna is upset with Arjun because he betrayed her when she trusted him the most. Dejected, she decided to end her relationship with Arjun and leave him for good.

With 5 days gone by, Arjun begins to feel that his love is slipping away from him forever and bears his heart to Poorna, who by now has learnt that Arjun had no intention to betray her, and it was all her haste that has led to her breakup with Arjun. Disappointed with herself for humiliating the man she loves, she decides to leave the relationship anyway, as she fears that going back to Arjun now may cause him to doubt her feelings for him. However, on the 7th (last) day, just about when the viewer is led to believe that their relationship is about to end, in a twist of fate, Arjun and Poorna miraculously unite and lead a happy life ever after.


Aesthetic sense was required for this romantic drama. Two stop push, bleach bypass technique has been adopted for Adduri cave scenes. Fourth color layer ignition technique has been adopted for the entire movie.Bleach bypass technique which is an optical technique is very rarely used for the entire movie in the world of cinema. This is the first time in India that an entire movie has been produced using this technique. The technique was adopted from the movie "Dildaara". All the images appear very natural and in very nice contrasting colors.


  • Dhruva Sarja as Arjun
  • Radhika Pandit as Poorna
  • Tarun Chandra
  • Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar
  • Tabla Nani
  • Soundtrack

    V. Harikrishna has composed a total of 6 songs. All the songs' lyrics are written by A. P. Arjun. The Audio has been distributed by Anand Audio.Challenging star Darshan (actor), Kichcha Sudeep, Lovely star Premkumar, simple star Ajay Rao, hat trick director Prem (Kiran), Mahesh Babu, V. Harikrishna, Chiranjeevi Sarja, Hamsalekha, Indrajith Lankesh made it to the audio release evening with Chancery Pavilion Bhasker Raju, producer CMR Shanker Reddy, Shankre Gowda, Yogish son of Dwarakish were also present for the audio release.

    Box office

    Upon its release on 15 June. the film its getting good responses from all over Karnataka. Experienced distributor Basha who has obtained the distribution rights of the film by paying a big advance is overwhelmed with this extra ordinary opening. . "This is an unprecedented response. I never expected such a huge opening for a film featuring a new comer and from a director who was just making his second film. It looks like the audience have connected very well with this youthful film.The collections of theatres which did not report housefuls in interiors have shown tremendous improvements in the matinee and evening shows. This film looks like turning to be a blockbuster' says an enthusiastic Basha. K.C.N.Mohan who has released the film in his Navrang theatre says despite releasing in a large number of theatres in Bengaluru, the film has taken a stunning opening for any film with a new hero. "We recorded 120,000 collections on day one which is a much better revenue accrual than films of some well known heroes in the industry' says Mohan. Trade Analysts also feel that the film’s good opening clearly proves that Kannada film audience will always receive honest projects which are well presented even if it has a new hero. Some analysts say that director Arjun and the film’s heroine Radhika Pandit have good following among the younger audience. "The film can move towards block buster category in the coming days, if the family audience who have a special liking for Radhika Pandit visit the theatres in large numbers' says another analyst. Ibn Critics gave the movie positive remarks, Speaking about the Director A.P. Arjun's "Addhuri" comes as a breath of fresh air in the stagnant Kannada film industry. It has all the elements that can make it a big hit. Though launching fresh faces with Dhruvaand Radhika Pandit was a challenge, Arjun has emerged with flying colors.even Dhruv's Acting Skills were praised saying he has lots of energy and has shown his prowess in dance and fights. He is also good in comedy and emotional sequences. India Today gave the movie 3 1/2 stars saying "Addhuri is a film that's good looking, fun topped with emotions.Critics from Supergoodmovies gave 3.5 rating Aadhuri completed 50 days in more than 35 theaters.


    2nd South Indian International Movie Awards
  • Best Director -A. P. Arjun
  • Best Cinematographer - Surya S Kirana
  • Best Lyricist - A. P. Arjun for "Ammate"
  • Best Female Playback Singer - Vani Harikrishna for "Mussanje Veleli"
  • Best Male Debutant - Dhruva Sarja
  • Nominated—Best Film
  • Nominated—Best Actress - Radhika Pandit
  • Nominated—Best Dance Choreographer - Harsha for "Ah Ammate"
  • Udaya Film Awards

    The film won a major haul at the 2013 Udaya Film awards grabbing the award in 4 following categories:

  • A. P. Arjun - Best Director
  • Radhika Pandit - Best Actress
  • Dhruva Sarja - Best Debutant - Male
  • V. Harikrishna - Best Music Director
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