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Kingdom  Plantae
Subfamily  Toddalioideae
Higher classification  Rutaceae
Order  Sapindales
Family  Rutaceae
Scientific name  Acronychia
Rank  Genus
Acronychia httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommons66
Lower classifications  Acronychia pedunculata, Lemon aspen, Acronychia porteri

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Acronychia is a genus of 44 species of plants, mainly shrubs, in the rue family Rutaceae. They have a broad distribution covering China, Southeast Asia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and the islands of the western Pacific Ocean.


Acronychia Acronychia imperforata Noosa39s Native Plants

Like all members of the Rutaceae, the plants contain aromatic oils and the leaves are aromatic when crushed.

In Australia, which has 19 species, they are often called aspens though they are not closely related to the true aspen. Two rare Australian species are Acronychia baeuerlenii and Acronychia littoralis.

Acronychia Acronychia laevis Wikipedia

A medicinally important, widely spread and common species of the tropical forests of South and Southeast Asia is the small tree Acronychia pedunculata.

Acronychia Acronychia oblongifolia RUTACEAE White Achronychia

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Acronychia Acronychia littoralis Scented Acronychia

The leaves, fruits, bark and other parts of Acronychia pedunculata, containing antimicrobial and antifungal agents, are widely used in herbal medicines in Asia. Acronychia acidula is cultivated in bush food orchards in Australia for its sour fruits.


Acronychia Acronychia oblongifolia RUTACEAE White Achronychia
  • Acronychia aberrans – Australia
  • Acronychia acidula – Australia
  • Acronychia acronychioides – Australia
  • Acronychia acuminata – Australia
  • Acronychia albiflora – Samoa
  • Acronychia andrewsi
  • Acronychia anomala
  • Acronychia baeuerlenii – Australia
  • Acronychia imperforata – Australia
  • Acronychia laevis – Australia
  • Acronychia littoralis – Australia
  • Acronychia oblongifolia – Australia
  • Acronychia octandra – Australia
  • Acronychia pedunculata – South and Southeast Asia
  • Acronychia porteri – Malaysia and Singapore
  • Acronychia pubescens – Australia
  • Acronychia suberosa – Australia
  • Acronychia trifoliolata
  • Acronychia wilcoxiana – Australia

  • Acronychia SGAP Townsville Acronychia laevis


    Acronychia Wikipedia

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