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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Proteaceae
Higher classification  Acidonia
Order  Proteales
Scientific name  Acidonia microcarpa
Rank  Species
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Genus  Acidonia L.A.S.Johnson & B.G.Briggs
Similar  Agastachys, Carnarvonia, Franklandia, Cenarrhenes, Symphionema

Bosto acidonia

Acidonia microcarpa is a species of shrub in the plant family Proteaceae. It is endemic to the south coast of the Southwest Botanic Province of Western Australia.


It was originally published by Robert Brown in 1810 as a species of Persoonia. In 1975, Lawrence Alexander Sidney Johnson and Barbara G. Briggs erected the genus Acidonia, transferring a great many Persoonia species into it. Later, the circumscription of Acidonia was changed to include only A. microcarpa.

However, unpublished data indicates Acidonia, Garnieria and Toronia all lie within the large genus Persoonia.

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