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Acetoacetyl CoA

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Formula  C25H40N7O18P3S
Molar mass  851.609 g/mol
Acetoacetyl-CoA ketogenesis

1634 acetoacetyl coa to hmg coa or oxaloacetate to phosphoenolpyruvate

Acetoacetyl CoA is the precursor of HMG-CoA in the mevalonate pathway, which is essential for cholesterol biosynthesis. It also takes a similar role in the ketone bodies synthesis (ketogenesis) pathway of the liver. In the ketone bodies digestion pathway (in the tissue), it is no longer associated with having HMG-CoA as a product or as a reactant.


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It is created from acetyl-CoA by thiolase, and it is acted upon by HMG-CoA synthase to form HMG-CoA. During the metabolism of leucine, this last reaction is reversed.

Gene music using protein sequence of aacs acetoacetyl coa synthetase

Acetoacetyl-CoA EAWAGBBD reaction reacID r0201
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Acetoacetyl-CoA Formation of AcetoacetylCoA Through Claisen Condensation of Two
Acetoacetyl-CoA BioPath AcetoacetylCoA
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Acetoacetyl-CoA acetoacetylCoA C25H40N7O18P3S ChemSpider


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