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Kingdom  Animalia
Subfamily  Anthiadinae
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Genus
Family  Serranidae
Scientific name  Acanthistius
Higher classification  Anthiadinae
Order  Perciformes
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Similar  Serranidae, Caprodon, Hypoplectrodes, Perciformes, Caesioperca

Eastern wirrah acanthistius ocellatus

Acanthistius is a genus of fish. Some authors place the genus in the family Serranidae, while some consider it to be incertae sedis, where it is not clear which family it belongs to.


Yellowbanded wirrah acanthistius cinctus juvenile


There are 11 species in the genus:

  • Acanthistius brasilianus (Cuvier, 1828) – Argentine sea bass
  • Acanthistius cinctus (Günther, 1859) – yellowbanded perch
  • Acanthistius fuscus Regan, 1913 – Rapanui seabass
  • Acanthistius joanae Heemstra, 2010 – scalyjaw koester
  • Acanthistius ocellatus (Günther, 1859) – eastern wirrah
  • Acanthistius pardalotus Hutchins, 1981 – leopard wirrah
  • Acanthistius patachonicus (Jenyns, 1840)
  • Acanthistius paxtoni Hutchins & Kuiter, 1982 – orangelined wirra
  • Acanthistius pictus (Tschudi, 1846) – brick seabass
  • Acanthistius sebastoides (Castelnau, 1861) – koester
  • Acanthistius serratus (Cuvier, 1828) – western wirrah
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