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Abraxis BioScience

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Industry  Pharmaceutical
Brands  Abraxane
Founder  Patrick Soon-Shiong
Ceased operations  2010
Defunct  2010
Services  Cancer drugs
Founded  California
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Key people  Mr. Rick Click, Chief Information Officer and Global IT Officer; Dr. Nguyen V. Dat Ph.D., Vice President of Clinical Research
Products  Protein-based therapeutics and technologies for treatment of cancer and other critical illnesses
Headquarters  Los Angeles, California, United States
Subsidiaries  APP Pharmaceuticals, LLC, APP Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing LLC, Pharmaceuticals Partners of Canada, Inc

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Abraxis BioScience was a global biopharmaceutical company that developed treatments for critically ill patients. It had over 2000 employees worldwide inb 2007. Abraxis's portfolio included the world's first protein-based nanoparticle chemotherapeutic compound, called nab Technology. From this the company developed Abraxane, a treatment for metastatic breast cancer.


In 2010, Abraxis BioScience was acquired by Celgene Corporation.

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Abraxis was incorporated in 2001 in Los Angeles. Besides cancer treatments, it provided treatment for multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, and some cardiovascular diseases. It had manufacturing plants in Melrose Park, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona.

In August 2007, Abraxis announced it would undergo a restructuring to separate it's "hospital-based products business" from its "proprietary products business" into two public companies; this would involve the merging of Abraxis Oncology and Abraxis Research subunits to form a new Abraxis Bioscience (Abraxis Bioscience, Inc., NASDAQ: ABII), and the spinoff of Abraxis Pharmaceutical Products (APP, Inc., NASDAQ: APPX). This reorganization was completed in November 2007. During the reorganization, the new Abraxis Bioscience was known briefly as New Abraxis.

In 2010, Abraxis BioScience was acquired by Celgene Corporation. Per Celgene's website, as of at least 2016 Abraxis no longer exists as a named division within Celgene.


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