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Location  Lapland, Finland
Elevation  570 m
Aakenustunturi wwwokulaarinetkuvatVAAKENUS070714B03Djpg
Similar  Ylläs, Taivaskero, Pyhätunturi, Kovddoskaisi, Ridnitšohkka


Aakenustunturi is a fell in Lapland in northern Finland. It has an elevation of 570 meters and is located near Mount Ylläs and the resort of Kittilä.


Map of Aakenustunturi, 99100 Kittil%C3%A4, Finland


The fell has had two fatal airplane crashes during the World War II

On 24 February 1943, a Junkers Ju 52 of the German Luftwaffe was shot down and crashed into the fell.

Later, during the Lapland War, Air Force Captain Paavo Kahla, a Knight of the Mannerheim Cross and Sergeant Jouko Liinamaa went missing on a reconnaissance flight on October 23, 1944. Their remains were found by a reindeer herder, alongside their shot down Fokker C.X in spring 1945.


The fell is considered a wild oasis between the fells in the north and is a popular destination for hikers. In December 2004, the fell was incorporated into the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.


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