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Aadat (song)

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Released  27 September 2004
Genre  Rock, pop rock
Label  Sadaf Stereo, HOM
Format  CD single
Length  5:20
Writer(s)  Atif Aslam, Goher Mumtaz

"Aadat" is originally a song of the album Aadat of the Pakistani band Jal. It was the first version released in 2004. Then it was released in several different versions later. It was also used in the films Kalyug as the title Juda hoke bhi/ Aadat, Chocolate as the title Zahreeli Raatein. In the first album, another song was there named Bikhra Hoon Main which is another version of Aadat.



The original version of the song was written by Atif Aslam, Music by the band Jal when Atif was the lead singer of Jal.

Atif recorded Aadat with his pocket money at the age of 17 and after leaving Jal, he released the song on the internet in 2003, which became a youth anthem very soon.

Different versions of the song

There are several official versions of the song sung by different singers.

  • Aadat (original version) by Atif Aslam (composed by atif and Goher) released in Atif Aslam's Jal Pari in 2004
  • Aadat (deep blue version) by Atif Aslam for his own album Jal Pari in 2004
  • Aadat (and Aadat Remix) by Atif Aslam for the film Kalyug in 2005
  • Aadat by Farhan Saeed in the album Aadat of Jal in 2004
  • Bikhra Hoon Main by Farhan Saeed for the album Aadat of Jal in 2004
  • Zehreeli Raatein (film version) by Pritam & KK for the film Chocolate in 2005
  • Zehreeli Raatein (duet version) by Pritam, featuring singers KK and Shreya Ghoshal was used for the promotion of the film Chocolate in 2005
  • Controversies

    After the release of the deep blue version of the song in Atif's single album Jal Pari, there were disputes between Atif and Jal about who held the copyright of the song. After the release of the film Chocolate, it was said that the Zahreeli Raatein song wasn't a version of the song, rather it was an illegal copy of the real version of Aadat.


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