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A71 autoroute

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Length  290.5 km
Highway system  Autoroutes of France
A71 autoroute

The A71 autoroute is a motorway in central France. It is also called l'Arverne. It starts at Orléans and ends at Clermont-Ferrand.


Map of A71, France

Orléans to Bourges

The autoroute is 2x2 lanes and is operated by the Société Cofiroute (Orléans-Bourges). The section between Orléans to Salbris was opened on 24 October 1986. In 1989 it was completed to Bourges.


  • Exchange A10-A71 Junction with the A10
  • 1 (Orléans-Centre) Towns served: Orléans
  • 2 (Olivet) Towns served: Olivet
  • Rest Area: Le Bois de Bailly/Le Bois du Télégraphe
  • Rest Area:Chaumont-sur-Tharonne/La Ferté-Saint-Aubin
  • 3 (Lamotte-Beuvron) Towns served: Lamotte-Beuvron
  • Rest Area: L'Étang du Marais/La Briganderie
  • Rest Area: Les Marembets/La Saulot
  • 4 (Salbris) Towns served: Salbris
  • Service Area: Salbris
  • Exchange A71-A85 Junction with A85
  • Exchange A20-A71 Junction with A20
  • 6 (Vierzon-Est) Towns served: Vierzon
  • Rest area: Les Croquettes/La Chaussée de César
  • Service Area: Bourges
  • 7 (Bourges) Towns served: Bourges
  • Bourges to Clermont-Ferrand

    This section of the autoroute is operated by SAPRR. It is 2x2 lanes and a toll road. The road has the double numbering A71/A89 between Combronde and Gerzat.

  • 1987 : The section between Montmarault and Clermont-Est (71 km) is opened.
  • 1988 : The section between Forêt-de-Tronçais and Montmarault (38 km) is opened.
  • 1989 : The opening of the section between Bourges and the Forêt-de-Tronçais (70 km)
  • Junctions

  • Rest Area: Le Gîte des Loups/Le Bois des Dames
  • Service Area: Centre de la France
  • 8 (Saint-Amand) Towns served: Saint-Amand-Montrond
  • Rest Area: Le Grand Meaulnes/Vallon-en-Sully
  • 9 (Vallon-en-Sully) Towns served: Vallon-en-Sully and Hérisson
  • Exchange A714-A71 Junction with the A714 spur to Guéret and Montluçon
  • Service Area: L'Allier
  • 11 (Montmarault) Towns served: Montmarault
  • Rest Area: La Bouble/Chantelle-en-Bourbonnais
  • Exchange A71-A719 Junction with A719 spur to Vichy, Gannat and Ébreuil
  • Service Area: Volcans
  • 12.1 (Combronde) Towns served: Combronde
  • Exchange A89-A71 Junction with the A89
  • Rest Area: Montpertuis/Pessat-Villeneuve
  • 13 (Riom) Towns served: Riom
  • 14 (Gerzat) Towns served: Gerzat
  • 15 (Clermont-Ferrand) Towns served: Clermont-Ferrand
  • Exchange A710-A71 Junction with the A710 spur to
  • 16 (Brezet) Towns served: Clermont-Ferrand
  • Exchange A75-A71 Junction with A75 to Saint-Étienne and Lyon.
  • A719

    Opened in 1997, first section of this motorway bypasses Gannat by north (9 km). The highway was extended to the gates of Vichy, precisely on a roundabout at Espinasse-Vozelle; this 14 km section, inaugurated 9 January, was opened on 12 January 2015.

  • Exchange A71-A719
  • 13, km 1 Towns served: Ébreuil and Gannat
  • 14, km 6 Towns served: Gannat and Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule 24 km
  • 15, km 9 Towns served: Gannat and Vichy
  • There are proposals to extend the autoroute beyond Vichy to form part of the A77 to (Moulins-Roanne).

  • Media related to A719 autoroute at Wikimedia Commons
  • A710

    Former autoroute opened in 1998 (7 km long). Junctions are:

  • Exchange A71-A710 Junction with the A710
  • Exchange A89-A710 Junction with the A89 (7 km)
  • A711

  • Exchange A75-A711 Junction with the A75
  • 1.3 km 4 Towns served: Lempdes
  • 1.4 km 5 Towns served: Pont-du-Château
  • Exchange A89-A711 Junction with the A89 (11 km)
  • A712

    This motorway, 1 km long and with reduced features, connects the exit 1.4 of A711 at the roundabout of Champ-Lamet between Lempdes and Pont-du-Château, at the crossroads with three other departmental roads.


    There are proposals to create a major motorway route through Montluçon as part of a transport route from Central Europe to the Atlantic coast.


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