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A63 autoroute

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Length  206 km
Highway system  Autoroutes of France
A63 autoroute

The A63 autoroute is a motorway in southwest France, connecting Bordeaux (from Junction 15 of the Rocade) to the border with Spain. The RN10 does not exist anymore and became a full toll road which crosses Les Landes (moorland) as a dual-carriageway.


Map of A63, France

The road is an important axis of communication between the French and Spanish Basque Country.


The A63 connects the border with Spain at Biriatou (close to Hendaye) at the southern edge of the Landes (department) towards Bordeaux which it reaches at junction 15 of rocade).

It is part of the Autoroute des Estuaires and is used by lorries from all over Europe heading to the Iberian peninsula. In addition, the road is connected at Bayonne with the A64 to Pau, Tarbes and Toulouse.

The northern section has junctions with the A660.


  • The A63 was operated by the Autoroute Company de la Cote Basque (ACOBA) in 1984.
  • The first section to open was the by-pass of Saint-Jean-de-Luz in 1972.
  • ACOBA was integrated into the ASF.
  • Junctions

  • Exchange A630-A63 Junction with the A630 Rocade de Bordeaux to Bordeaux, Toulouse and Paris.
  • 26 (Gradignan) km 205 Towns served: Gradignan
  • 26b (Canéjan) km 205 Towns served: Canéjan
  • 25 (Cestas) km 201 Towns served: Cestas
  • Service Area: km 197 Bordeaux-Cestas
  • 24 (Pierroton) km 195 Towns served: Pierroton
  • Rest Area: Les Gargails
  • 23 (Marcheprime) km 186 Towns served: Marcheprime
  • Exchange A63-A660 km 182 Junction with the A660 spur to Bassin d'Arcachon
  • 21 (Salles) km 121 Towns served: Salles
  • Rest Area: km 168 Lugos
  • 20 (Belin-Béliet) km 161 Towns served: Belin
  • Exchange A63
  • Exchange A63 (St-Geours-de-Maremne) Autoroute recommences.
  • Rest Area: km 59 Saubion
  • Péage de Bénesse-Maremne km 50
  • 08 (Bénesse-Maremne) km 50 Towns served: Bénesse
  • Service Area km 45 Labenne
  • 07 (Ondres) km 40 Towns served: Ondres
  • 06 (Bayonne-nord) km 34 Towns served: Bayonne
  • 05a (Bayonne-Mousserolles) km 31 Towns served: Bayonne
  • 05 (Bayonne-sud) km 27 Towns served: Bayonne, Biarritz
  • Péage de Biarritz-La Négresse
  • 04 (Biarritz-La Négresse) km 22 Towns served: Biarritz
  • Service Area: Bidart
  • 03 (St-Jean-de-Luz-nord) km 12.5 Towns served: Saint-Jean-de-Luz
  • Rest Area: Urrugne
  • Péage de Biriatou
  • 01 (Biriatou) km 1 Towns served: Biriatou
  • Frontier with Spain where road becomes the AP-8
  • A660

  • Exchange A63-A660 Junction with the A63
  • 01 (Lacanau de Mios) km 2 Towns served:
  • 02 (Facture-Biganos) km 4 Towns served:
  • 03 (Le Teich) km 10 Towns served:
  • Roundabout Point Gujan-Mestras Junction with RD650 Roundabout Point La Hume Junction with RN250


  • The southern section will be widened to three lanes over the next few years.
  • It is planned to upgrade the RN10 across the Landes.
  • The northern section would become part of a new ring road for Bordeaux. This however is a controversial road project.
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