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A2 motorway (Slovenia)

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From:  A11 in Austria
Length  174.5 km
A2 motorway (Slovenia)
Major cities  Ljubljana, Kranj, Novo Mesto, Jesenice, Brežice

The A2 motorway (Slovene: avtocesta A2, Ilirika) is a motorway in Slovenia, around 175 km long, connecting the Karavanke Tunnel (at the Austrian border) via the capital city Ljubljana to Obrežje (at the Croatian border, near Zagreb). It connects several major Slovene cities, including Kranj, Ljubljana, and Novo Mesto, and is part of Pan-European Corridor X.


Map of A2, Slovenia

The route of the motorway largely follows the path of the Brotherhood and Unity Highway, which was a two-lane non-divided road constructed as the main traffic artery within Yugoslavia. With the construction of the divided motorway, most of the previous road was demolished. A notable exception can be seen on the southern A2 segment between Grosuplje and Višnja Gora, where the previous road was grandfathered into the motorway system; it lacks a hard shoulder and has sharp turns and an exit ramp with a 10% grade. The northern segment between Višnja Gora and Grosuplje follows a completely different path, with three traffic lanes and a relatively lower grade.

Tunnels and covered cuts

From the northwest to the southeast, the A2 motorway features the following tunnels and covered cuts:

  • Karawanks Tunnel (Karavanški predor; 7,864 m or 25,801 ft, 8,019 m or 26,309 ft with portal)
  • Ljubno Tunnel (Predor Ljubno; right: 260 m or 850 ft, left: 261 m or 856 ft)
  • Šentvid Tunnel (Predor Šentvid; right: 1,072 m or 3,517 ft, left: 1,047 m or 3,435 ft)
  • Šentvid Junction (Priključek Šentvid; arm B: 291 m or 955 ft, arm C: 402 m or 1,319 ft)
  • Fat Hill (Debeli hrib; right: 341 m or 1,119 ft, left: 378 m or 1,240 ft)
  • Little Peak (Mali vrh; right: 414 m or 1,358 ft, left: 399 m or 1,309 ft)
  • Leščevje Tunnel (Predor Leščevje; right: 369 m or 1,211 ft, left: 363 m or 1,191 ft)
  • Covered cuts
  • Moste
  • Ljubljana–Šentvid
  • Šentvid Junction (arm A and arm D)
  • Medvedjek (I and II)
  • Dolge Dole
  • Doline (Karteljevo)
  • Dobrove (Otočec)
  • Čatež (right and left)
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