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A19 autoroute

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Length  131 km
Highway system  Autoroutes of France
A19 autoroute

The A19 autoroute is a motorway in France it connects the A5 with A6 between Sens in Yonne and Courtenay in Loiret. It is 130.3 kilometres (81.0 mi) long. The extension to the A10 autoroute near Orléans was completed in January 2011. The A19 is part of the outermost Paris ring road.


Map of A19, France


The motorway is managed by the Paris-Rhine-Rhone company. The A19 is a toll motorway and is 2x2 lanes. It 30 km is long.


  • 1993: Start of construction of 5 km section of the A160 from the A5 to RN6 (the future A19).
  • 1997: Start of the 25 km section to Courtenay
  • Junctions

  • A5 to A19
  • 01 (Direction Sud) to 4 km: served city Sens
  • Service Area: Villeroy
  • 02 (Paron) to 17 km: served city Subligny
  • A6 to A19 at 30 km:
  • Facts

    The motorway is operated by Arcour, a subsidiary company of the company VINCI. There are proposals to extend the road from Courtenay at exit 17 of the A6. In time the road will be extended from Courtenay to Artenay, providing a connection between the A10 to A6 motorways a total length of 101 km


    The link from Courtenay to Sougy has been opened on 16 June 2009. This allows a connection between the A5, A6, A77, and A10.


  • 03 (Courtenay-Is): served city Courtenay
  • 04 (Courtenay-West): served city Courtenay
  • Rest Area
  • 05 (Montargis): served cities Montargis and Ferrières-en-Gâtinais
  • Rest Area
  • A77 to A19
  • Service Area: Courtenay-Artenay
  • 06 (Beaune-La-Rolande): served city Beaune-La-Rolande
  • 07 (Pithiviers): served cities Pithiviers and Neuville-aux-Bois
  • Rest Area
  • A10 to A19
  • 13 (Artenay) on A10: served cities Artenay and Sougy
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