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A Wicked Ghost II: The Fear

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Francis Nam




Horror, Chinese Movies

Hong Kong

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Release date
21 September 2000 (2000-09-21)

Hung Wah Tony Leung

Ken Wong
(Master Li),
Alice Chan
Angie Cheung
Yee-Man Man
Joyce Chan

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A Wicked Ghost II: The Fear is a 2000 Hong Kong horror film directed by Francis Nam, starring Joey Meng, Angie Cheung, Alice Chan, Ken Wong and Joyce Chan. It is preceded by A Wicked Ghost in 1999 and followed by A Wicked Ghost III: The Possession in 2002.


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A Wicked Ghost II: The Fear A Wicked Ghost II The Fear Wikipedia

Three police officers – Inspector Li, Peanut (Li's girlfriend), and Cha-siu – attempt to nab a serial rapist and pursue him to a construction site. The rapist is found dead later, with his limbs chopped off and scattered over the site. Cha-siu has also committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

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Li, Peanut and Willis Tao are troubled by his death and baffled by the incident. The case arouses the curiosity of two magazine reporters, Balm and Coffee. They are joined by Blue, a writer of supernatural stories. Balm secretly takes photographs of the rapist's body parts and has two separate encounters with the rapist's ghost later. After being knocked down by a car, he ends up in hospital and kills himself later by jumping off the building. Peanut's cousin, Ada, goes blind after watching the horror movie A Wicked Ghost, claiming that she saw a ghost similar to the one in the movie. She kills herself in hospital later. Ada's sister, Clever, also attempts suicide after seeing the ghosts of a pair of twin girls she aborted, but is saved by a blessed coin given to her by Blue. Tao goes into a trance after stealing a sharp metal nail from the construction site and tries to kill his colleagues but is subdued and taken to hospital.

Blue retrieves a special sound recorder that can record sounds inaudible to the human ear which she gave to Ada before the latter died. She plays it and hears a hoarse female voice calling out "Hwa Yuet-may" – the name of Peanut's great-grandmother. She also discovers that the construction site is actually the location of the old Hwa family house. Peanut and Li realise that they resemble Peanut's great-grandparents in appearance after seeing an old photograph. They believe it is a sign that they are the reincarnations of Peanut's great-grandparents. One night, Blue brings Peanut and Li to the construction site and hypnotises them to help them recall their past lives. They are joined by Coffee and Clever.

In their hypnotised states, Peanut and Li learn that Peanut's great-grandfather loved a woman called Tift, but was forced to marry Hwa Yuet-may, who was from a rich and influential family. Hwa was extremely jealous of Tift and she plotted to harm her. She ordered her hired thugs to ambush Tift and rape her before bringing her back to torture her. Tift's limbs were chopped off and her body placed in a pot filled with a corrosive substance. When Peanut's great-grandfather pleaded with Hwa to spare Tift, Hwa became angry and used a pair of scissors to stab Tift's eyes. Peanut's great-grandfather was unable to bear with the sight of his lover being tormented so he committed suicide. Tift was eventually killed by Suet, her close friend who betrayed her and stabbed her in the head with the sharp metal nail. Tift becomes a vengeful ghost after death and seeks vengeance on Hwa's relatives and descendants.

When Peanut and Li recover from their hypnotised states, they see Coffee and recognise her as the reincarnation of Suet. In the meantime, Blue has been possessed by Tift's ghost and she corners Peanut and Coffee and tries to strangle them to death. Just then, Clever switches on three spiritual lights and shine them on Tift, causing her to be trapped. At this critical moment, the spirit of Peanut's great-grandfather leaves Li's body and helps Tift up. Tift gives up her desire for revenge when she is reunited with her lover and they walk away together.


  • Joey Meng as Blue
  • Alice Chan as Peanut / Hwa Yuet-may
  • Ken Wong as Inspector Li / Peanut's great-grandfather
  • Angie Cheung as Coffee / Suet
  • Joyce Chan as Clever
  • Isa Chow as Ada / Tift
  • Wu Kai-kong as Willis Tao
  • Man Yeung as Rapist
  • Tang Wing-san as Officer Hwang
  • Lee Kin-yan as Balm
  • James Ha as Coffee's taekwondo opponent
  • Bill Wu
  • Tony Tam
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