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A Spectrum of Finite Scale

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Released  2001
Release date  2001
Artist  Man or Astro-man?
Label  Zerotec
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A Spectrum of Finite Scale (2001)  Beyond the Black Hole (2001)
Genres  Surf music, Experimental music
Similar  Intravenous Television Continuum, Beyond the Black Hole, A Spectrum of Infinite Scale, Made from Technetium, Project Infinity

A Spectrum of Finite Scale is a tour-only album by the band Man or Astro-man?. A departure from the band's familiar space-surf instrumentals, A Spectrum of Finite Scale is a compilation of experiments produced by members of the Man or Astro-Man? team. Tracks were contributed by pairs of band members, individual members and even Man or Astro-man? personnel like soundman The Brannock Device and Q-Beam contributed tracks.


Track listing

  1. "After All the Prosaic Waiting...the Sun Finally Crashes into the Earth"
  2. "The Limitations of a Serial Machine"
  3. "MO2"
  4. "Halfway to the Infinite"
  5. "Space Helmet"
  6. "All the Quietest Whispers"
  7. "Mt-52 Tone/Magnus Opus" [sic]
  8. "Tolerance in a Transitory Universe"
  9. "Analysis Paralysis"
  10. "Man or Man-Machine?"
  11. "The Potential Energy of Roger Stone"
  12. "Mortimer Butomite's Pocket of Capacitors"
  13. "Fig. A: Dispersion in Full Spectrum Pattern"
  14. "(untitled track number thirty-two)"


1After All the Prosaic Waiting… The Sun Finally Crashes Into the Earth4:23
2The Limitations of a Serial Machine3:57


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