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A Nordic Poem

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Released  December 1, 2004
Artist  Folkearth
Label  Stygian Crypt Productions
Length  39:38
Release date  1 December 2004
Genres  Folk metal, Viking metal
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A Nordic Poem (2004)  By the Sword of My Father (2006)
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Folkearth a nordic poem full album 2004

A Nordic Poem is the first studio album of the musical project Folkearth. Because of the bad sound quality it was remastered and reissued. There was around 60 minutes of material, but some of it got lost.


Folkearth intro the pipes are calling

Track listing

  1. "(Intro) The Pipes Are Calling" — 2:08
  2. "Wolfsong in Moonlight (Fenris Unbound)" — 4:40
  3. "Horned Trolls and Mystical Folk" — 5:28
  4. "Rhyming with Thunder" — 5:55
  5. "Eldritch Sorcery and Faery Runes" — 3:41
  6. "In Odin's Court" — 3:16
  7. "Storm Ravens Come" — 4:22
  8. "Gryningssång" — 2:30
  9. "Gaelic Valor" — 5:21
  10. "Outro" — 2:17



  • Marios "Prince Imrahil" Koutsoukos (Dol Amroth) – keyboard
  • Stefanos Koutsoukos (Dol Amroth) – bass
  • Nikos Nezeritis (Dol Amroth) – acoustic guitar
  •  Lithuania

  • Ruslanas – spoken vocal
  •  Austria

  • Alex "Hugin" Wieser (Uruk-Hai) – keyboard
  •  Great Britain

  • Athelstan (Forefather) – drums, electric guitar
  • Wulfstan (Forefather) – electric guitar, bass, vocal
  •   Switzerland

  • Chrigiel Glanzmann (Eluveitie) – uilleann pipes, tin whistle, bodhrán
  •  Sweden

  • Magnus Wohlfart (Nae'blis) – acoustic and electric guitar, bass, keyboard, jaw harp, vocal
  • Jeremy Child (Yggdrasil) – drums, vocal
  • William Ekeberg (Broken Dagger) – cello, vocal
  • Jonas Fröberg (Trymheim) – keyed fiddle, vocal
  • Kristofer Janiec – violin
  • Michelle Maas – female vocal
  • Writing and production

  • all music except "(Intro) The Pipes Are Calling", "Rhyming With Thunder", and "Outro" by Magnus Wohlfart
  • music on "(Intro) The Pipes Are Calling" by Chrigel Glanzmann, additional arrangements by Magnus Wohlfart and Michelle Maass
  • music on "Rhyming With Thunder" by Athelstan and Wulfstan, additional arrangements by Magnus Wohlfart, Jonas Fröberg and William Ekeberg
  • music on "Outro" by Alex "Hugin" Wieser
  • all lyrics except "Gryningssång" by Marios Koutsoukos
  • lyrics for "Gryningssång" by Magnus Wohlfart
  • layout by Dragon Design
  • Songs

    1Intro: The Pipes Are Calling2:10
    2Wolfsong in Moonlight (Fenris Unbound)4:43
    3Horned Trolls and Mystical Folk5:30


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