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Year 905 (CMV) was a common year starting on Tuesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • Spring – King Berengar I of Italy arranges a truce with the Hungarians on payment of a tribute. Grand Prince Árpád withdraws from Italy and begins raiding in Bavaria.
  • King Louis III (the Blind) launches another attempt to invade Italy. An Frankish expeditionary force led by Adalbert I captures Pavia, and Berengar I retires to Verona.
  • July 21 – Berengar I and a hired Hungarian army defeats the Frankish force at Verona. They take Louis III as prisoner and Berengar blinds him for breaking his oath.
  • Louis III returns to Provence, unable to govern properly, he relinquishes the government of Lower Burgundy to his cousin Hugh, Count of Arles.
  • Sancho I succeeds Fortún I as King of Pamplona, and creates a Basque kingdom centered in Navarre (modern Spain).
  • Britain

  • Cadell ap Rhodri, king of Seisyllwg (Wales), makes his 25-year-old son Hywel ap Cadell ruler of Dyfed, having conquered that territory. Rhodri ap Hyfaidd, nominally king of Dyfed, is caught and executed, at Arwystli.
  • Norse settlers under the Viking warlord Ingimundr, revolt against the Mercians and try to capture the city of Chester. They are beaten off.
  • Arabian Empire

  • Summer – Caliph Al-Muktafi sends an Abbasid army (10,000 men) led by Muhammad ibn Sulayman to re-establish control over Syria and Egypt. The campaign is supported from the sea by a fleet from the frontier districts of Cilicia under Damian of Tarsus. He leads his ships up the Nile River, raids the coast, and prevents the supplies for the Tulunids.
  • Ahmad ibn Kayghalagh, an Abbasid military officer, is appointed governor of the provinces of Damascus and Jordan. He is send to confront a pro-Tulunid rebellion under Muhammad ibn Ali al-Khalanji. The latter manages to capture Fustat and proclaims the restoration of the Tulunids, while the local Abbasid commander withdraws to Alexandria.
  • Asia

  • China loses control over Annam (modern Vietnam). The village notable Khuc Thua Du leads a rebellion against the Tang Dynasty. The Chinese garrison at Tong Binh (present-day Hanoi) is destroyed. Khuc Thua Du declares Annam autonomous.
  • Abaoji, an Khitan tribal leader, leads 70,000 cavalry into Shanxi (Northern China) to create a 'brotherhood' with Li Keyong, a Shatuo governor (jiedushi) of the Tang Dynasty.
  • Emperor Daigo of Japan orders to select four court poets, led by Ki no Tsurayuki, to compile the Kokin Wakashū, an early anthology of Waka poetry.
  • Religion

  • Naum of Preslav, a Bulgarian missionary, founds a monastery on the shores of Lake Ohrid (modern-day Macedonia), which later receives his name.
  • Births

  • Abu al-Misk Kafur, Muslim vizier (d. 968)
  • Al-Mustakfi, Abbasid caliph (d. 949)
  • Constantine VII, Byzantine emperor (d. 959)
  • Fulk II, Frankish nobleman (approximate date)
  • Godfrey, Frankish nobleman (approximate date)
  • Deaths

  • March 17 – Li Yu, prince of the Tang Dynasty
  • July 5 – Cui Yuan, Chinese chancellor
  • July 5 – Dugu Sun, Chinese chancellor
  • July 5 – Lu Yi, Chinese chancellor (b. 847)
  • July 5 – Pei Shu, Chinese chancellor (b. 841)
  • July 5 – Wang Pu, Chinese chancellor
  • Du Hong, Chinese warlord
  • Gai Yu, Chinese warlord
  • Pei Zhi, Chinese chancellor
  • Rhodri ap Hyfaidd, king of Dyfed
  • Yang Xingmi, Chinese governor (b. 852)
  • References

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