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90 Millas World Tour

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Associated album  90 Millas
End date  November 1, 2009
Start date  August 23, 2008
Legs  3
90 Millas World Tour
No. of shows  16 in Europe 19 in The Americas 35 total

The 90 Millas World Tour is the seventh concert tour by singer and songwriter Gloria Estefan, the tour was performed primarily for her Spanish audience but also for the Dutch, Irish and British who have been her most ardent supporters.


The tour was promoted by concert touring company Live Nation, which also promotes shows for other international acts such as Madonna, U2 and Jay-Z.

Tour history

This tour was made in part to promote the album sales of her latest effort 90 Millas, though initially the tour was a rumour only made by some Estefan fans on their forums, in May 2008 was announced by Estefan herself to a Spanish newspaper that the tour would come true for the summer season. This marked the first time in twelve years since Estefan made a tour to the European continent.

The tour started with only two legs, but both were for Europe, the first leg was for the concerts in Valencia and Marbella, Spain. The second leg started with the sold-out concert at Rotterdam, Netherlands and initially the tour would start at The Netherlands, and then will pass to Spain, but at last-time the concert started in Valencia for unknown reasons. Later, in 2009 the second leg was expanded to Latin American countries.

The tour was very simple and was partially made by all the Estefan's greatest hits, adding to some dates different songs at the encore section. At least one song of every album released by Estefan was added to set list:

  • From Eyes of Innocence: "Dr. Beat."
  • From Primitive Love: "Conga."
  • From Let It Loose: "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You," "Can't Stay Away from You," 1-2-3" and "Anything for You" or its Spanish version "No Te Olvidare."
  • From Cuts Both Ways: "Don't Wanna Lose You" or its Spanish version "Si Voy a Perderte," "Here We Are," Oye Mi Canto (Hear My Voice)," "Cuts Both Ways" and "Get on Your Feet."
  • From Into the Light: "Remember Me with Love," "Live for Loving You" and "Coming Out of the Dark" or its Spanish version "Desde la Oscuridad."
  • From Gloria Estefan Greatest Hits: "Always Tomorrow" and "I See Your Smile".
  • From Mi Tierra: "Mi Tierra," "Con Los Años Que Me Quedan," "Si Señor!..." and Ayer."
  • From Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me: "Turn the Beat Around," "Everlasting Love" and "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me."
  • From Abriendo Puertas: "Tres Deseos," "Abriendo Puertas," and "Más Allá."
  • From Destiny: "Reach," "Higher," "Show Me the Way Back to Your Heart," You'll Be Mine (Party Time)," and "No Pretendo."
  • From Gloria!: "Heaven's What I Feel" or its Spanish version "Corazon Prohibido," "Oye!," Cuba Libre" and "I Just Wanna Be Happy."
  • From Alma Caribeña: "No Me Dejes de Querer."
  • From Unwrapped: "Hoy" or its English version "Wrapped," "I Wish You" and "Tu Fotografía" or its English version, "Your Picture."
  • From 90 Millas: "No Llores," "Morenita," "Caridad," and "Bésame."
  • Estefan sang the collaboration with Só Pra Contrariar "Santo Santo" as part of the encore of the Tenerife concert; this time the song was sung a cappella and with the public. The song was later added to the running order in her concerts of 2009 as a virtual duet with Só Pra Contrair on the video screen.

    Estefan also made some covers, the first was Connie Francis hit "Where the Boys Are;" this song was sung at the concerts in London, Belfast, Rotterdam, and Hollywood. Another cover made by Estefan was her collaboration with Jennifer Lopez "Let's Get Loud" which was written by Estefan herself for Lopez's debut album. For the Madrid and Tenerife concerts Estefan made a cover of Joselito with his song "El Ruiseñor". In Liverpool, she sang a cover of "One Day in Your Life" as a tribute to Michael Jackson.

    For the British concert on September 10, 2008 Estefan added a special song for the show, her rendition of Mel Carter's "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me," which is until today one of Estefan's biggest selling singles at the UK.

    Estefan also made some other encores at other concerts, at Madrid, Estefan made again the same rendition as she did at the Wembley Stadium of Mel Carter, and she also sang an acoustic version of her song "Always Tomorrow" and the cover of Joselito.

    Though not included at first at the places to visit of the tour, Estefan was named along with REO Speedwagon the headliners for the 2008 Aruba Music Festival, leading to a free performance at October 11.

    One of the highlights of the tour was when Estefan surprised the audience and brought out her 13-year-old daughter Emily. The audience received Emily with an ovation and she performed to the audience playing the electric guitar and the drums in all the tour. Emily Estefan made a cover of Alice Cooper's "School's Out". In 2009 the song was replaced by Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music."

    Latin American leg

    The tour was re-scheduled for performances at some Latin American countries such as Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador. For some countries such as Uruguay, it was the first time Estefan came to visit during her music career, while for Argentina it was the first time in almost ten years to come around again. Although is the same leg of the above-mentioned, the show was renamed "90 Millas - The Latin American Tour 2009".

    The show at Uruguay is one of the most successful concerts given by Estefan and due the high and fast sales of the tickets, another date was added making it the only place of the tour to had a double-date. The two concerts at Uruguay were sold-out.

    Jalisco en Vivo 2009

    Though not included at first, due to the main problem of the Swine influenza illness around the world, Estefan, along with other Latin American artists, would perform at a free concert, called "Jalisco en Vivo 2009," at Guadalajara, Mexico as part of a free-concert series in which Alejandro Fernández, who worked before with Estefan for the song "En El Jardín" was the official organizer of a campaign to promote tourism in Mexico after the epidemic. Estefan's sang her hit, "Con Los Años Que Me Quedan," as well as the duets, "En El Jardín" and "Si Nos Dejan" with Alejandro Ferenández at the Glorieta de la Minerva. The date officially given for the performance was on June 27, 2009.

    Continuing 90 Millas

    Estefan extended her 90 Millas Latin American Tour starting in Puerto Rico on October 10, along with a show in Panama, and the closing of the tour in Mexico.

    Set list

    1. "Oye!"
    2. "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You"
    3. "Tres Deseos"
    4. "Con Los Años Que Me Quedan"
    5. "Bésame3
    6. "No Pretendo" 3 7
    7. "Don't Wanna Lose You"/"Si Voy a Perderte"4 7
    8. "Here We Are"4
    9. "Can't Stay Away From You" 4 6
    10. "Where the Boys Are" (Cover of song made popular by Connie Francis)5
    11. "Morenita"3 4
    12. "Ayer" 3 7
    13. "No Me Dejes de Querer" 3 7
    14. "Let's Get Loud" (Cover of song made popular by Jennifer Lopez)
    15. "1-2-3" 4 6 7
    16. Medley: "Renacer" / "Regresa A Mi" / "No Sera Facil"7
    17. "School's Out" (Cover of Alice Cooper)2
    18. "Hoy" / "Wrapped" 1
    19. "Abriendo Puertas"1
    20. "Santo Santo"7
    21. "Heaven's What I Feel" / "Corazón Prohibido" 3 4 7
    22. "Everlasting Love"
    23. "Your Picture"/"Tu Fotografía"
    24. "Anything for You"/"No Te Olvidare"
    25. "Reach" / "Puedes Llegar" 3 4 7
    26. "I Wish You"7
    27. "No Llores"
    28. "Cuba Libre" 8
    29. Medley: Mi Tierra" / "Oye Mi Canto (Hear My Voice)"
    30. "Turn the Beat Around"
    31. "Conga"
    32. "Dr. Beat"
    33. "Get on Your Feet"
    34. "I Just Wanna Be Happy"
    35. "Live for Loving You" 4 6 7
    36. "Higher" 5 6 7
    37. "Always Tomorrow"5 6
    38. "Caridad" 5 6 7
    39. "You'll Be Mine (Party Time)" 7
    40. "Coming Out of the Dark" / "Desde la Oscuridad" 7

    1Added to the running order in 2009.
    2Song performed by Gloria's daughter, Emily Estefan. In 2009 replaced by Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music."
    3Performed in all Spain dates in 2008.
    4Performed in all the 2008 dates outside Spain.
    5Performed in select 2008 dates outside Spain.
    6Performed in select Spain dates.
    7Performed in select 2009 dates.
    8Added to the running order in Zaragoza.

    She's Got A Friend

    As part of her tour schedule, Estefan gave for the second time in a row, a three-days special performance at the Foxwoods Resort Casino. But the difference this time, was that this performance was a special concert with singer/songwriter Carole King. The three performances had sold-out audiences.


  • Gloria:
    1. "Oye!"
    2. "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You"
    3. "Tres Deseos"
    4. "Wrapped"
    5. "Coming Out of the Dark"
    6. "Mi Tierra"/"Oye Mi Canto"
  • Gloria & Carole:
    1. "It's Too Late" (Featuring Emily Estefan on guitar)
    2. "Lo Que Tu Eres Para Mí"
  • Carole:
    1. "Way Over Yonder"
    2. "So Far Away"
    3. "Jazzman"
  • Gloria & Carole:
    1. "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman"
  • Gloria:
    1. "Everlasting Love"
    2. "Cuba Libre"
    3. "Get On Your Feet"
    4. "Turn The Beat Around"
    5. "Conga"
  • Gloria & Carole:
    1. "Anything For You"
    2. "You've Got A Friend"
    3. "I Feel The Earth Move"
  • Encore: Gloria & Carole:
    1. "Will You Love Me Tomorrow"

    Ticket sales

    The sales for the first date announced were sold via Live Nation at Thursday May 29, 2008 starting 5 pm until Friday May 30, 2008 ending at the same hour. The tickets for the concert at Marbella, Spain were exclusively sold, tickets for this concert were on sale on June 13, 2008 at, Tick Tack Ticket outlets, and the FNAC, Urende, Carrefour and Tipo stores and only 2,600 tickets were available.

    The tickets for the concert at Santa Ponsa, Majorca were also exclusive in the way of sales, tickets for people resident of the city were cheaper than the tickets for tourists or travelers in the city.

    The tickets for the first Uruguay concert at the Hotel Conrad were only issued to VIP Casino guests leading to the first show being completely sold out. The second date was an open sale and had the same success selling out everything. The concert in Peru was a complete success, the tickets sold out 2 weeks in advance.


    90 Millas World Tour Wikipedia

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