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Year 881 (DCCCLXXXI) was a common year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • February 12 – King Charles the Fat, the third son of the late Louis the German, is crowned as Holy Roman Emperor by Pope John VIII at Rome.
  • August 3 – Battle of Saucourt-en-Vimeu: The West Frankish kings Louis III, and his brother Carloman II, route Viking raiders (near Abbeville).
  • Britain

  • Battle of the Conwy: King Anarawd of Gwynedd (Wales) initiates a revenge attack on the Mercian armies, and defeats them on the River Conwy.
  • Anarawd, and his brothers Cadell and Merfyn, begin extensive military campaigns to quell resistance in Powys and Seisyllwg (approximate date).
  • Arabian Empire

  • Zanj Rebellion: Abbasid general Al-Muwaffaq lays siege to the Zanj capital of Mukhtara, using his base on the opposite side of the River Tigris.
  • Asia

  • Bakong, the first temple mountain of sandstone, is constructed by rulers of the Khmer Empire (modern Cambodia) at Angkor.
  • Religion

  • St. Cecilia's Church (Cäcilienkirche) is founded as a college for women. It is now kept at the Schnütgen Museum in Cologne.
  • Births

  • Conrad I, king of the East Frankish Kingdom (approximate date)
  • Liu Churang, Chinese general (d. 943)
  • Deaths

  • December 7 – Anspert, archbishop of Milan
  • Bárid mac Ímair, king of Dublin
  • Cui Hang, chancellor of the Tang Dynasty
  • David I, prince of Iberia (Georgia)
  • Gabriel, prince of Kakheti (Georgia)
  • Guaifer, duke of Benevento
  • John I, Frankish abbot (approximate date)
  • Liu Ye, chancellor of the Tang Dynasty
  • Lu Guimeng, Chinese poet
  • Odo I, bishop of Beauvais
  • Orso I, doge of Venice
  • Radi Abdullah, Muslim tenth Imam
  • Zhang Zhifang, Chinese general
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