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Year 840 (DCCCXL) was a leap year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • June 20 – Emperor Louis the Pious falls ill and dies at his hunting lodge, on an island in the Rhine, near his imperial palace at Ingelheim, while suppressing a revolt. His eldest son Lothair I succeeds him as Holy Roman Emperor, and tries to seize all the territories of the late Charlemagne. The 17-year-old Charles the Bald becomes king of the Franks, and joins the fight with his half-brother Louis the German in resisting Lothair.
  • Britain

  • King Wigstan of Mercia, grandson of former ruler Wiglaf (see 839), declines his kingship and prefers the religious life. He asks his widowed mother, Princess Ælfflæd, to act as regent. A nobleman of the line of the late king Beornred, named Berhtric, wishes to marry her but he is a relative. Wigstan refuses the match, and is murdered by followers of Berhtric at Wistow. He is buried at Repton Abbey, and later revered as a saint. The Mercian throne is seized by Berhtric's father, Beorhtwulf.
  • Vikings make permanent settlements with their first 'wintering over', located at Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland (approximate date).
  • Asia

  • Emperor Wen Zong (Li Ang) dies after a 13-year reign, in which he has failed to break the power of his palace eunuchs. He is succeeded by his brother Wu Zong, as Chinese ruler of the Tang Dynasty.
  • The Yenisei Kirghiz settle along the Yenisei River, and sack with a force of around 80,000 horsemen the Uyghur capital, Ordu-Baliq (driving the Uyghurs out of Mongolia). This ends the Uyghur Khaganate.
  • Religion

  • Nobis becomes bishop of St. David's, in the Welsh Kingdom of Dyfed (approximate date).
  • Births

  • January 19 – Michael III, Byzantine emperor (d. 867)
  • Abu al-Hassan al-Nuri, Muslim sufi (approximate date)
  • Adalhard II, Frankish nobleman (approximate date)
  • Berengaudus, Benedictine monk (d. 892)
  • Clement of Ohrid, Bulgarian scholar (approximate date)
  • Eudokia Ingerina, Byzantine empress (approximate date)
  • Hucbald, Frankish music theorist (or 850)
  • Lothar I, Frankish nobleman (d. 880)
  • Notker the Stammerer, Benedictine monk (approximate date)
  • Richardis, Frankish empress (approximate date)
  • Sunyer II, Frankish nobleman (approximate date)
  • Theodard, archbishop of Narbonne (approximate date)
  • Theodore II, pope of the Catholic Church (d. 897)
  • Unruoch III, margrave of Friuli (approximate date)
  • Ya'qub ibn al-Layth, founder of the Saffarid Dynasty (d. 879)
  • Deaths

  • March 14 – Einhard, Frankish scholar
  • June 11 – Junna, emperor of Japan (b. 785)
  • June 16 or 839 – Rorgon I, Frankish nobleman
  • June 20 – Louis the Pious, king of the Franks (b. 778)
  • Agobard, archbishop of Lyon (b. 779)
  • Andrew II, duke of Naples
  • Ansovinus, archbishop of Camerino
  • Czimislav, king of the Sorbs (approximate date)
  • He Jintao, general of the Tang Dynasty
  • Hilduin, archbishop of Paris (b. 775)
  • Li Chengmei, prince of the Tang Dynasty
  • Li Rong, prince of the Tang Dynasty
  • Muhammad at-Taqi, Muslim ninth Ismā'īlī imam (or 839)
  • Salmawaih ibn Bunan, Muslim physician
  • Wen Zong, emperor of the Tang Dynasty (b. 809)
  • Wigstan, king of Mercia (approximate date)
  • Yang, consort and concubine of Wen Zong
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