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Year 807 (DCCCVII) was a common year starting on Friday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.


Byzantine Empire

  • Emperor Nikephoros I is forced to sue for peace, on condition of paying 50,000 nomismata to Caliph Harun al-Rashid, and agrees to a yearly tribute. Nikephoros promises not to rebuild the dismantled forts. Rashid recalls his forces from various sieges, and evacuates Byzantine territory.
  • An Abbasid fleet under Humayd ibn Ma'yuf al-Hajuri raids the Peloponnese, Rhodes and Myra.
  • Europe

  • Al-Andalus (modern Spain): An uprising occurs in the city of Mérida against the Umayyad Emirate of Córdoba.
  • Siege of Patras: This marks the end of independent rule by the South Slavs in the Peloponnese (or 805).
  • Britain

  • The Vikings land on the Cornish coast, and form an alliance with the Cornish to fight against Wessex.
  • King Cuthred of Kent dies. His brother, King Coenwulf of Mercia, takes control over Kent himself.
  • Asia

  • Dappula II becomes king of Sri Lanka, and makes Anuradhapura the capital city.
  • Li Jifu is appointed chancellor, during the reign of Emperor Xian Zong in China.
  • Religion

  • The Temple of Motoyama-ji in Mitoyo (Japan), of the Kōyasan Shingon-shū sect, is constructed by the orders of Emperor Heizei.
  • The Jame' Atiq Mosque of Qazvin is constructed in Qazvin (modern Iran), by the orders of Harun al-Rashid.
  • The Book of Armagh is written by the Irish illuminator Ferdomnach, a scribe at the School of Armagh.
  • Science

  • The first record of sun spots appears in Europe.
  • Births

  • Dongshan Liangjie, Chinese Buddhist teacher (d. 869)
  • Deaths

  • Conall mac Taidg, king of the Picts (approximate date)
  • Cuthred, king of Kent
  • Robert II, Frankish nobleman (approximate date)
  • October 13 – Simpert, bishop of Augsburg
  • Stephen the Hymnographer, Syrian monk (b. 725)
  • Widukind, duke of Saxony (approximate date)
  • References

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