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7th Congress of the Philippines

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President  Ferdinand Marcos
Senate President  Gil J. Puyat
Majority leader  Arturo Tolentino
Vice President  Fernando Lopez
Senate President pro tempore  Jose J. Roy
Minority leader  Gerardo Roxas
7th Congress of the Philippines

The Seventh Congress of the Philippines (Filipino: Ikapitong Kongreso ng Pilipinas) was the meeting of the legislature of the Republic of the Philippines, composed of the Philippine Senate and House of Representatives from January 26, 1970 until it was effectively dissolved with the declaration of martial law on September 23, 1972 by President Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos then exercised legislative powers. In 1976, Congress was replaced by the Batasang Bayan as the Philippines' legislative body until 1978, when it was replaced by the Batasang Pambansa.


One-third of the Senate and the entire membership of the House of Representatives was replaced after the 1969 general elections and another third of the Senate membership was replaced after the midterm senatorial elections of 1971.


  • First Regular Session: January 26 – May 21, 1970
  • First Special Session: May 22 – June 25, 1970
  • Second Special Session: June 29 – August 1, 1970
  • Third Special Session: September 7 – October 10, 1970
  • Second Regular Session: January 25 – May 20, 1971
  • Fourth Special Session: June 14 – July 17, 1971
  • Fifth Special Session: August 2 – September 4, 1971
  • Third Regular Session: January 24 – May 18, 1972
  • Sixth Special Session: May 19 – June 21, 1972
  • Seventh Special Session: June 23 – July 27, 1972
  • Eighth Special Session: July 28 – August 31, 1972
  • Ninth Special Session: September 1 – September 23, 1972
  • Legislation

    The Seventh Congress in its three regular and six special sessions passed a total of 512 acts. Among it were:

    House of Representatives

  • Speaker:
  • Speaker Pro-Tempore:
  • Majority Floor Leader:
  • Minority Floor Leader:
  • Senate

    The term of office of senators began December 30 following their election. One-third of the Senate was replaced, after the 1971 midterm elections. All terms that were scheduled to end after 1971 were cut short with the declaration of Martial Law.

    House of Representatives

    The term of office of the members of the House of Representatives was from December 30, 1969 to December 30, 1973, however was cut short with the declaration of Martial Law.


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