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787 Moskva

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Discovered by  G. N. Neujmin
Alternative names  1914 UQ
Aphelion  2.8690 AU (429.20 Gm)
Discovered  20 April 1914
Discoverer  Grigory Neujmin
Discovery site  Simeiz Observatory
Discovery date  20 April 1914
Observation arc  100.47 yr (36695 d)
Perihelion  2.2090 AU (330.46 Gm)
Orbits  Sun
Asteroid family  Maria family
Asteroid group  Asteroid belt
787 Moskva
Similar  509 Iolanda, 825 Tanina, 265 Anna, 695 Bella, 528 Rezia

787 Moskva is a minor planet orbiting the Sun.

The object 1914 UQ discovered April 20, 1914 by Grigory Neujmin was named 787 Moskva for the capital of Russia Moscow (and retains that name to this day). The object 1934 FD discovered on March 19, 1934 by C. Jackson was given the sequence number 1317. In 1938, G. N. Neujmin found that asteroid 1317 and 787 Moskva were one and the same object. The sequence number 1317 was later reused for the object 1935 RC discovered on September 1, 1935 by Karl Reinmuth; that object is now known as 1317 Silvretta.

Photometric observations at the Palmer Divide Observatory in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1999 were used to build a light curve for this object. The asteroid displayed a rotation period of 6.056 ± 0.001 hours and a brightness variation of 0.62 ± 0.01 in magnitude.


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