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528 Rezia

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Discovered by  Max Wolf
Alternative names  1904 NS
Aphelion  3.4643 AU (518.25 Gm)
Discovered  20 March 1904
Orbits  Sun
Asteroid group  Cybele asteroid
Discovery date  20 March 1904
Observation arc  112.08 yr (40937 d)
Perihelion  3.3395 AU (499.58 Gm)
Inclination  12.678°
Discoverer  Max Wolf
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Discovery site  Heidelberg-Königstuhl State Observatory
Similar  509 Iolanda, 540 Rosamunde, 417 Suevia, 908 Buda, 807 Ceraskia

528 Rezia is a minor planet orbiting the Sun. It was discovered by Max Wolf on March 20, 1904. It is named for a character in the 1826 opera Oberon by Carl Maria von Weber. Among the 248 discoveries by Wolf, he also discovered 527 Euryanthe and 529 Preziosa on the same day.

The mostly likely source for the name of the asteroid is the character Rezia in Carl Maria von Weber's opera Oberon, given that around 1904 the astronomer was frequently using the names of female opera characters for the asteroids he discovered.

In 1907, August Kopff's November 1 sighting of the provisionally titled 1907 AQ was instead determined to be 528 Rezia.

In 1987, it was reported that Rezia has a flat spectrum and IRAS albedo value pv=0.54 ± 0.0004, which is very dark and consistent with a C-type asteroid.


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