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694 Ekard

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Discovered by  Joel Hastings Metcalf
Alternative names  1909 JA
Aphelion  3.5372 AU (529.16 Gm)
Discovered  7 November 1909
Orbits  Sun
Discovery site  Taunton observatory
Discovery date  7 November 1909
Observation arc  106.44 yr (38878 d)
Perihelion  1.8114 AU (270.98 Gm)
Inclination  15.849°
Discoverer  Joel Hastings Metcalf
Asteroid group  Asteroid belt
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Similar  230 Athamantis, 695 Bella, 528 Rezia, 167 Urda, 306 Unitas

694 Ekard is a minor planet orbiting the Sun that was discovered by American astronomer Joel Hastings Metcalf on November 7, 1909.

Photometric observations of this asteroid gave a light curve with a period of 5.925 hours and a brightness variation of 0.50 in magnitude. Measurements of the thermal inertia of 694 Ekard give a value of around 100–140 J m−2 K−1 s−1/2, compared to 50 for lunar regolith and 400 for coarse sand in an atmosphere.

13-cm radar observations of this asteroid from the Arecibo Observatory between 1980 and 1985 were used to produce a diameter estimate of 101 km.


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