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6 5=2

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Horror, Thriller


6 5=2 movie poster

KS Ashoka, Swarna Latha

Release date
November 29, 2013 (2013-11-29)

Darshan Apoorva
Darshan Apoorva
Krishna Prakash

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A Video Shot By Late Ramesh

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6-5=2 is a 2013 Kannada horror movie, written and directed by a newcomer director KS Ashoka. It is the first found footage movie in Kannada. The plot revolves around a fatal trek accident.


6 5=2 movie scenes


6 5=2 movie scenes

On 28 October 2010, Ramesh, Naveen, Kumar, Prakash, Deepa and Soumya - hailing from Mandya and Bangalore plan for a trek to an undisclosed mountain in Western ghats. Among them 4 die, 1 disappear, and 1 manages to return to civilization.

6 5=2 movie scenes

Ramesh carries a Full HD camera intending to shoot a trek documentary. Strange incidents take place that make them believe in the existence of evil and their life is at risk. They manage to record the ordeal they go through in the trek. 9 days later Ramesh's camera is found by forest guards involved in the rescue operation and this recovered video is presented in the movie.

Day 1

6 5=2 movie scenes

Ramesh, Sumanth Naveen and Kumar join Prakash at his village near Mandya. They get together to discuss their childhood memories and about their trek and then someone stares at them at the village's entry.

Day 2

6 5=2 movie scenes

Deepa and Sowmya join the group. After they get together they pack the necessary things and travel to Mysore. From there they travel to the starting point of the trek trail that is supposedly 180 km from Mysore.

Day 3

The group starts trekking after entering their names and addresses in a forest department check-post at the beginning of the trail. After hiking for a few hours through dense forest and steep climbs they all are tired and decide to take an early break. Ramesh and Prakash leave with the camera to fetch water from a nearby stream while the rest of the group prepare the camp site. While Prakash fills water the camera's light goes off suddenly and they hear a loud noise. Startled by the noise, Ramesh and Prakash frantically try to switch on the camera light. When they finally manage to get the light working they don't find anything out of the ordinary near the stream. Ramesh brushes it off thinking it could be some stone slipping into the water or some animal and they join their group back at the camp site.

The crew continues further. When they reach mid-jungle Ramesh finds a tree that is very strange; there are many skulls attached to the branches of the tree. When he hears a female voice addressing him as "RAMESHAA" he is scared. Here begins the real threat to their life.

Day 4

The next day morning Prakash is found suffering from a fever and the other 5 leave him and continue on. All of them reach the top of the mountain and Ramesh keeps a skull on top of the hill then they take a photo. The bag that Ramesh is carrying catches fire spontaneously. On their way back they try to go to Prakash who had fever. They heard his voice but are unable to reach him and lose their way. Sowmya suddenly says that this could be an evil act. Naveeen has a plan; he keeps a box in the middle and challenges the evil to come and just turn the box over. Within a few seconds we see that there is a huge explosion and all 5 run for their lives. Sowmya is very tired and suddenly falls unconscious. Naveen and Kumar go to fetch some water. Deepa and Ramesh hear Naveen voice for help and both of them go to help them, then suddenly Sowmya jumps in the air and is floating for a few seconds and then falls down in the same position as she was lying before. In the meanwhile, all 4 come back. Then Sowmya gets up and all of them continue. They take rest in the night in the jungle itself. In the middle of the night something comes and hits Ramesh in his back and he falls down. Everybody wakes up after a few minutes and checks Ramesh's back and they find that evil has left a hand mark on Ramesh's back. When asked by Ramesh, Naveen says nothing has happened!!

Day 5

The next morning they try to find the way to the city and Kumar is asked to climb a tree and check if he can see the way to the city. He comes down saying that he can see only jungle. But suddenly he starts wearing his socks and shoes and he says that he actually has found the way, but just that he is not left alone he did not tell while he was on the top of the tree. All of them are happy and they continue the journey. It is evening. Ramesh and Kumar go to bring back water and on their way back they have a conversation. Kumar silently goes towards a tree and starts to rub his face against the tree. Ramesh is shocked and he goes near Kumar. Then Kumar turns around and sees Ramesh. Ramesh is astonished to find Kumar's face ruptured. Then Kumar runs away. Ramesh tries to follow him but he loses Kumar. Then Ramesh reaches the crew. Deepa, Sowmya, Ramesh and Naveen decide to sleep and continue the search for her. After a while the camera automatically switches off. After some time the camera is back on and we see Kumar lying behind but nobody notices him. They find Deepa in a terrible condition and Naveen picks her up and all of them decide to rest. In the night Ramesh wakes up and starts vomiting, Sowmya gets up and accompanies him to find water.

Now Deepa suddenly gets up, gets a big stone and throws the stone at Naveen who is sleeping. Naveen's head is smashed completely and he dies immediately. Then Deepa finds a knife and suddenly slits her own throat and dies. Ramesh comes back shouting something about Sowmya, who presumably went missing. But to his surprise he sees both Naveen and Deepa dead. In the end Ramesh is killed by the supernatural ghost. He is shown headless and being dragged away by the ghost.

The only person who returns is Prakash. After a few days the camera of Ramesh is found and it is being now shown in theaters.


To live up to the found footage claim the movie does not reveal the cast and crew. There are no opening or end credits. Cast and crew names were finally revealed in an interview with a Bangalore-based newspaper.

  • Darshan Apoorva as Ramesh
  • Krishna Prakash as Naveen
  • Vijay Chendoor as Kumar
  • Pallavi as Sowmya
  • Tanuja as Deepa
  • Mruthyunjaya as Prakash
  • Production

    Movie was made in a shoestring budget of Rs. 30 lakhs by Swarnalatha Production. Writer and director KS Ashoka drew inspiration from supernatural stories he heard from a forest guard during one of his treks in 2011, and from The Blair Witch Project. It took six months for him to finalize the script. Film was primarily shot in Coorg, and a few parts in Bangalore University campus.


    6-5=2 was well received by critics and moviegoers alike. The crew did not advertise the movie in traditional media outlets such as TV or newspapers. However, it picked up momentum through its viral trailers on YouTube and Facebook and by word-of-mouth publicity. Post release, it received positive reviews from news papers and websites. Most of the multiplexes in Bangalore increased the number of shows and PVR Cinemas promoted it to 'Gold Class' screenings. Fame cinemas upgraded it to supreme class screening due to the movie's immense popularity


    A Hindi remake of the movie was made with the same title and released in 2014.


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