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58 Joralemon Street

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Here is new york 015 58 joralemon street

58 Joralemon Street, in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, New York, United States, is a Greek Revival structure built in 1847 as a private residence, but is now a New York City Subway vent. The property was acquired by the Interborough Rapid Transit Company in 1908, who gutted the interior and converted the structure to "the world’s only Greek Revival subway ventilator". The ventilator also serves as an emergency exit from the eastern end of the New York City Subway's Joralemon Street Tunnel, which carries the IRT Lexington Avenue Line (4 5 trains) between Bowling Green and Borough Hall, where it becomes the IRT Eastern Parkway Line (2 3 4 5 trains).


58 Joralemon Street Building of the Day 58 Joralemon Street Brownstoner

Through acquisitions, the property passed through to the New York City Board of Transportation in 1940, and to New York City Transit Authority in 1953, its current owner. As of 2010 it was valued at $2.8 million. The exterior facade and black Lexan windows are the result of a 1999 agreement with the Landmarks Preservation Commission to help the facility blend into the neighborhood.

58 Joralemon Street The Fake Townhouses hiding Mystery Underground Portals

What is the deal with 58 joralemon street in brooklyn new york

58 Joralemon Street The Fake Townhouses hiding Mystery Underground Portals
58 Joralemon Street 58 Joralemon Street Wikipedia
58 Joralemon Street 58 Joralemon Street Mapionet
58 Joralemon Street WPIX Discovers The Mystery Of 58 Joralemon Street In Brooklyn


58 Joralemon Street Wikipedia

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