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52975 Cyllarus

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Discovered by  N. Danzl
MPC designation  52975
Minor planet category  Centaur
Discovered  12 October 1998
Named after  Cyllarus
Discovery date  12 October 1998
Alternative names  1998 TF35
Observation arc  3636 days (9.95 yr)
Orbits  Sun
Asteroid group  Centaur
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Discovery site  Kitt Peak National Observatory
Discoverers  N. Danzl, Nichole M. Danzl
Similar  10370 Hylonome, 55576 Amycus, Solar System, Sun, 52872 Okyrhoe

52975 Cyllarus /ˈsɪlərəs/, provisionally known as 1998 TF35, is a centaur discovered on October 12, 1998, by Nichole Danzl at the Kitt Peak Observatory near Sells, Arizona in the United States. It is named for the centaur Cyllarus of Greek mythology.

In November 2009, Mike Brown and his team using the Keck telescope took a spectrum of Cyllarus (apparent magnitude 23), giving it "the record for the faintest spectrum of a Kuiper belt object".

Cyllarus came to perihelion in September 1989.


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