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55576 Amycus

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Discovered by  NEAT
MPC designation  55576 Amycus
Minor planet category  Centaur
Orbital period  125 years
Orbits  Sun
Discovery site  Palomar Observatory
Discovery date  8 April 2002
Alternative names  2002 GB10
Adjectives  Amycian
Discovered  8 April 2002
Named after  Amykos
55576 Amycus httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Discoverer  Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking
Similar  52975 Cyllarus, (44594) 1999 OX3, 10370 Hylonome, Solar System, Sun

55576 Amycus /ˈæmkəs/, provisionally known as 2002 GB10, is a centaur discovered on April 8, 2002, by the NEAT at Palomar.

55576 Amycus was named for Amycus, a male centaur in Greek mythology.

It came to perihelion in February 2003.

Data from the Spitzer Space Telescope gave a diameter of 76.3 ± 12.5 km.

A low probability asteroid occultation of star UCAC2 17967364 with an apparent magnitude of +13.8 was possible on February 11, 2009.

Another such event involving a star with an apparent magnitude of +12.9 occurred on 2014 April 10 about 10h 46m Universal Time, visible for observers in the southwest USA and western Mexico.

Near 3:4 resonance of Uranus

Amycus (2002 GB10) lies within 0.009 AU of the 3:4 resonance of Uranus and is estimated to have a long orbital half-life of about 11.1 Myr.

It has been observed 76 times over 19 years and has an orbit quality code of 2.


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