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52872 Okyrhoe

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Discovered by  Spacewatch
Alternative names  1998 SG35
Observation arc  5393 days (14.77 yr)
Discovered  19 September 1998
Orbits  Sun
Discoverer  Spacewatch
Discovery date  19 September 1998
Minor planet category  centaur
Aphelion  10.908 AU (1.6318 Tm)
Inclination  15.665°
Asteroid group  Centaur
52872 Okyrhoe markandrewholmescomokyrhoegif

Discovery site  Kitt Peak National Observatory
Similar  Sun, 60558 Echeclus, Solar System, 10199 Chariklo, 52975 Cyllarus

52872 Okyrhoe (/əˈkɪr./; from Greek: Ωκυρόη, Ωκυρρόη) is a centaur orbiting in the outer Solar System between Jupiter and Saturn. It was discovered on September 19, 1998, by Spacewatch.



Centaurs have short dynamical lives due to strong interactions with the giant planets. Okyrhoe (1998 SG35) is estimated to have an orbital half-life of about 670 kiloannum.

Of objects listed as a centaur by the Minor Planet Center (MPC), JPL, and the Deep Ecliptic Survey (DES), Okyrhoe has the second smallest perihelion distance of a numbered centaur. Numbered centaur (315898) 2008 QD4 has a smaller perihelion distance.


Okyrhoe passed perihelion in early 2008, and exhibited important magnitude variations during March and April 2008. This could be a sign of sublimation of volatiles.


It was named after Ocyrhoe, Greek mythology.


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