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3 Ninjas Knuckle Up

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Director  Shin Sang-ok
Initial DVD release  August 7, 2001
Language  English
4/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Action, Family
Film series  3 Ninjas
Country  United States
3 Ninjas Knuckle Up movie poster
Release date  March 10, 1995 (1995-03-10)
Writer  Alex S. Kim (screenplay)
Cast  Victor Wong (Grandpa), Charles Napier (Jack), Michael Treanor (Rocky), Max Elliott Slade (Colt), Chad Power (Tum Tum), Crystle Lightning (Jo)
Similar movies  3 Ninjas, 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain, 3 Ninjas Kick Back, Batman Begins, Back to the Future, Django Unchained
Tagline  Tum Tum, Colt and Rocky are back for all new non-stop Ninja action!

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During their summer vacation, Rocky (Michael Treanor), Colt (Max Elliott Slade) and Tum Tum (Chad Power) visit their grandfather (Victor Wong), who is training them to be martial arts masters. They soon befriend Jo (Crystle Lightning), a Native American girl who lives nearby. When Jos father goes missing, the boys realize this may be connected to revelations that a high-profile businessman (Charles Napier) has been secretly dumping noxious waste in a sacred burial ground.


3 Ninjas Knuckle Up movie scenes

3 Ninjas Knuckle Up is a 1995 American martial arts comedy film and a sequel to the films 3 Ninjas and 3 Ninjas Kick Back. The film was directed by Sang-ok Shin.

3 Ninjas Knuckle Up movie scenes Michael Treanor from the first film is back as Rocky Max Elliott Slade is still Colt and Chad Power is back as Tum Tum The return of the original actors

The film was shot in 1992, the same year the first film was released, but was not released until 1995.

Rocky, Colt and TumTum must battle an evil wealthy toxic waste dumper in order to save a local Indian tribe and their friend Joe. The 3 Ninjas must help find Joe's father and find a secret disk that contains evidence that could stop the toxic landfill that is destroying the Indian community. However the town is owned by the rich man and he controls the police and even the mayor. They must fight a motorcycle gang and renegade cowboys in this non-stop ninja adventure.

3 ninjas knuckle up trailer 1995


Rocky (Michael Treanor), Colt (Max Elliott Slade), Tum Tum (Chad Power) defend "Truth, Justice and the American Way", once more - this time, protecting a Native American village and the rest of society against a Toxic Waste Company.

During a summer the boys are staying with Grandpa Mori, the boys encounter a group assaulting a girl named Jo at a pizza parlour, after fending off the men they are praised for their martial arts techniques, which gives them big heads. Despite their efforts, they are put to work by Mori and the pizza owner to work off damages, Mori tries to teach them a lesson in humility but the reference of a flower blooming goes over their heads. Jo comes to the boys later and explains that the men are under the employ of Jack Harding, an industrialist who is illegally dumping toxic contents into the reserve, without proof, they can do nothing. Jos father had gone to investigate but had not returned. Colt, who is seemingly attracted to Jo says that they will help, and they mount an escape plan for her father that night, which is successful. They spend the night celebrating with the tribe and getting thanks for helping them. Jos father appeals for a court date with significant evidence to put Jack out of business for good, undeterred, Jack arranges to have Jo kidnapped and convince her father to falsify his evidence, which he has no other choice.

Rocky and the others get information to where Jo is being held and drive out to free her and return before the court case is dismissed and all of her fathers hard work accounts for nothing. After working through a small band of armed men, they find Jo and return her to the court house just before her father turns the real evidence over to Jack he admits his mistake and hands the evidence to the judge who deems the case and shuts down the company producing the waste. Jo looks around for the heroes of the day, but they are nowhere to be found. Rocky realizes Moris words of what a flower says when it blooms and they return to Mori, sharing that they say that a flower doesnt show off its beauty, its there for someone to find, and Mori is ecstatic at the realization.


  • Michael Treanor - Samuel Rocky Douglas
  • Max Elliott Slade - Jeffrey Colt Douglas
  • Chad Power - Michael Tum Tum Douglas
  • Victor Wong - Grandpa Mori Tanaka
  • Crystle Lightning - Jo
  • Patrick Kilpatrick - J.J.
  • Donal Logue - Jimmy
  • Scott MacDonald - Eddy
  • Charles Napier - Jack
  • Vincent Schiavelli - Mayor
  • Don Stark - Sheriff
  • Reception

    The movie received mostly negative reviews. Many fans attribute the movies lack of success to its PG-13 rating which drove away younger viewers.


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