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3 Headed Shark Attack

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Directed by  Christopher Ray
Initial release  30 July 2015 (Hungary)
Language  English
Edited by  Rob Pallatina
Director  Christopher Olen Ray
Cinematography  Alexander Yellen
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Produced by  David Michael Latt David Rimawi Paul Bales
Written by  Jacob Cooney Bill Hanstock
Starring  Danny Trejo Karrueche Tran Rob Van Dam
Music by  Chris Ridenhour Christopher Cano
Music director  Chris Cano, Chris Ridenhour
Cast  Karrueche Tran, Danny Trejo, Rob Van Dam, Jaason Simmons, Jena Sims
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3-Headed Shark Attack is a 2015 direct-to-video horror film developed by The Asylum and starring Danny Trejo, Karrueche Tran, and Rob Van Dam. It is a sequel to 2-Headed Shark Attack.



The greatest man-eater is three times as deadly when a mutated great white shark with three heads originating from the Great Pacific garbage patch eats its way through an island research facility, forcing a group of survivors (Omar, Maggie, Allison, Greg, and Ryan) led by Dr. Laura Thomas and Dr. Ted Nelson to evacuate before the facility is destroyed. The group standing on the shore swim one-by-one towards the boat in the middle of the lake, but the shark eats Laura and Omar on the way.

The remaining survivors radio three men on a fishing boat for help. As the survivors escape on the boat, the shark finds a party boat, forcing the passengers to fight the deadly predator using anything they could find. As the shark chomps its way from one end of the boat to the other, survivors from the research facility arrive and attempt to help the passengers escape, but Ted is killed and they only manage to rescue crew member Stanley and two passengers, Rosemarie and Howard. Maggie, Allison, Greg, Stanley, Rosemarie and Howard drive away on the boat, while Ryan stays behind and attacks the shark with an axe, but is eaten.

At one point the men on the fishing boat arrive. Two of them are eaten, but the third, Max Burns, chops off the 3-headed shark's middle head, but it grows three more heads in its place and kills Max. The survivors reach an island where the shark killed several people at a party in the opening and find the sole survivor, Seth. Seth tells them that the party arrived at the island on two pontoons. The group leaves the island on the boats. However, the shark destroys the second pontoon, killing Allison, Rosemarie, Howard and Seth.

Maggie, Greg and Stanley make a plan to defeat the shark by making its heads fight. Stanley sacrifices himself, despite Maggie's pleas and Greg's attempt to stop him, and he is eaten alive. The plan works and the shark's five heads become aggressive and fight amongst themselves. The three smaller heads are eaten, followed by the two larger heads killing each other. Maggie and Greg are left as the only survivors out of a group of well over 70. A helicopter then approaches to rescue them, mimicking the ending of the first film.


  • Karrueche Tran as Maggie Peterson
  • Rob Van Dam as Stanley
  • Danny Trejo as Max Burns
  • Jaason Simmons as Dr. Ted Nelson
  • Rico Ball as Omar
  • Jena Sims as Dr. Laura Thomas
  • Lawrence C. Garnell Jr. as Dr. Leonard
  • Dawn Hamil as Allison
  • Brianna Ferris as Rosemarie Grant
  • Carlos Rivera as Howard Grant
  • Scott Thomas Reynold as Ryan Bennett
  • Brad Mills as Greg
  • Bob Constance as Brad
  • James Poule as Brian
  • Stephen Norris as Steve
  • Mark Nager as Seth
  • Preston Simmons as Zach
  • Stephen Harwick as Mark
  • Jazy Berlin as Polly
  • Anna Mercedes Morris as Sasha
  • Kayla Campbell as Lindsey
  • Nestor Fuentes as Maurice
  • Carlos Javier Rivera as Howard
  • Jacquline Schmidt as Vanessa
  • Eric C. Schmitz as Betts
  • Scott Alan Warner as Sandoval
  • Cody Lee as Tyler
  • Chasen Grieshop as Volleyball Player
  • Chris Cook as Captain
  • Laurie Jones as Boat Crew
  • Martin Ross Henne as Handsome Boat Partiet
  • John Williams & Willie Jones as Burns Men
  • Kimberly Ballista as Bikini Girl
  • Cristalle C. Leonard as Research Scientist
  • Rebekah Hart Franklin as Scientist
  • Sharon Posey as Scientist
  • Brent Amacker & Holly Arland as Background Persons
  • Kevin Gaddie as Scientist
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